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Genealogy Online offers you the possibility to publish genealogical data and images. By default, all genealogical data of persons who can be determined to have died and, if supplied, all images, with which they can be viewed by everyone are published.

So by default there is no access point to the material, everything you have uploaded is visible to everyone. You may not want this, you want sharing to be accessible only to invitees. For this there is Access Gate that is part of the Genealogy Online Plus subscription . When a gateway is active, you can provide a personal password to your invitees via Genealogy Online and they will be able to view the material after logging in.

Restricting publicity is also limiting functionality

If you choose to no longer make the data (including stories) available to everyone, then your publication can no longer participate in the functionality found in other family trees ! Also, Google, and will no longer index your data and users of those websites will not be able to find your data, as a result of which you probably receive less feedback from namesakes and other family tree researchers. The data of living persons is always kept outside these functionalities. If you choose to make the images available only to invitees, they will also no longer be searchable via the image bank .

Who has access to parts of your publication?

Option data Pictures
A (= standard) Everyone Everyone
B Everyone Invitees
C. Invitees Invitees

How can I set an access point?

To set up a gateway for a publication, you must first log in (see the login button at the top right) or click on . Choose Manage publications and then the menu item Set access point .

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