Find matches between your family tree and other trees

How does it work?

Aanknopingspunten tussen stambomenEvery month, all publications on Genealogy Online are automatically analyzed to find possible starting points between the publications. If matches are found between your family tree and that of other authors you will receive a message via e-mail. On Genealogy Online you can view all these valuable leads. It gives you the opportunity to contact other authors, exchange data and to expand your family tree!

I want that too!

The search for matches is part of the free Trial subscription of Genealogy Online! So you can easily publish your genealogical data and your data will automatically participate in this unique matching service. For example: Genealogie Dusseljee.

Your family tree online

If you are satisfied with the service of Genealogy Online, you can upgrade your subscription to a Plus subscription with even more functionality and service!

How do I manage the matches?

As the author of a publication, you can specify per match if this is correct or not. This also gives you the ability to see which matches you already reviewed and assessed and which not.

Manage matches