Henglias; the collected data of the Hengelo population

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The Henglias; the collected data of the Hengelo population publication was prepared by (contact the author) and consists of 83,914 persons. Because of privacy, 15,145 persons are not made visible. More statistical information about the publication (like numbers and dispersion of genealogical events) can be found on the statistics page. A list with used sources can be found on the sources page. This publication was last updated on Wednesday, July 24, 2024.

Henglias is about the inhabitants of Hengelo in Overijssel until about 1950. You can also find this information at www.henglias.nl .
The oldest dates come from the baptismal and marriage records from 1643.

More than 99,000 people from Hengelo* have already found their place here and their number is still growing every day.
*Hengelo people in this context means: persons (or their partners) who were born/married/deceased in Hengelo or who lived there.

Brackets around the name of a person (see example) means that he or she actually falls outside the reach of Henglias, but is important to show the connection.

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Were your parents or grandparents born or deceased in Hengelo?
Were your parents or grandparents perhaps married in Hengelo?
Did your family live in Hengelo or do they still live there?

(your privacy is guaranteed; living persons are not visible)

In 2007 Wim den Oudsten (1965-2020) started collecting the data. After his death in February 2020, Henglias was continued by Robert Einhaus and since December 2020 by ( eighth generation Hengeloër ) Jan Verkade.

In addition to all those names, this publication also contains overviews of Hengelo war victims, artists, mayors and church pastors. Look below at STORIES .

If you have any questions or comments about Henglias, we would like to hear from you.
It is fine to copy data, but do mention Henglias as your source.

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