What about privacy?

Data of living persons should not be processed (and published) without the express consent of the persons themselves. This follows from the Data Protection Act.

Genealogy is a fascinating pastime and the thirst for knowledge will never be quenched. However, some control is important so that people are not offended whose story we want to preserve. It is the responsibility of the authors of the publications on Genealogie Online to see to it that the privacy is not violated.

Genealogie Online offers authors a helping hand by suppressing details of living persons. For each person, it is determined whether the person is most likely deceased. If it can not be determined whether a person is deceased, it is assumed that the person is still alive and the name and any other information from this person will not be published.

If any of the following statements is true, then a person is considered deceased:

If people give consent, the author may publish their data. This should be set for each individual person via Genealogie Online.

It is also allowed to display information from living people to a recognizable group of family members, acquaintances or friends. The author may set a gateway and invite persons who gain access to the private section. It is the responsibility of the author to inform the guests about the privacy aspects.

Privacy violations

You see information about yourself in any of the publications in Genealogie Online? Please contact the author of the publication to object and to request to delete the data. If the author does not respond or the data is not deleted, please contact the administrator of Genealogie Online. The administrator will then contact the author to inform him / her of the privacy rules. In the case, the author does not respond or refuses the entire publication is removed. Always mention the specific pages where privacy is violated.