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Genealogy Online Dot NL is Simply The Best And Only Dutch Genealogy Website for the Republic of the United Netherlands ! This website is very popular for many Dutch born folks all over this here world. Their offspring have an Easy 'No Worries' Street finding ancestors on this website... However, I do recommend to double check the data with and/or the Dutch Provincial Genealogy websites like etc, etc... There is a map of the world, showing where ancestors and relatives have lived, making it very interesting finding cousins in other countries, because there is a connection with other genealogy (partner) websites in other parts of this world. As a matter of fact, it's a piece of Dutch Caramel Apple pie, putting two and two t(w)ogether and finding your ancestors in the Dutch Republic from 1600 to 2000 starting with AND

I have found genealogieonline to be a great additional source in my ancestry research. I use it to verify information I have found at other resources. If there are conflicting information, it causes me to continue my research. The information is easy to read & understand. However, lately, I have noted a strange inclusion - baptism information that is for the current time period relating to LDS which has no relationship with the date or person of my research.

I use Genealogie online because I can find information about my Ancestors. It's a Great site!

I love this site for finding my Ancestors, it is so Awesome!

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