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The publication Steenbergen - Dutch Australian - Lineages has been compiled by (contact the author) and consists of 29,721 persons. Because of privacy, 166 persons are not made visible. More statistical information about the publication (like numbers and dispersion of genealogical events) can be found on the statistics page. A list with used sources can be found on the sources page.

ALOHA and WELKOM to the STEENBERGEN, RUDOLPHUS, VELTMAN & Van LIEROP lineages connecting to relatives and ancestors in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America. Wishing yous happy searching for (y)our ancestors, somewhere in the PAST... getting to know more about Who, Where, When, What and perhaps Why these things happened giving us a Rich History ! Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a bit of a Mystery... Today is a Gift and that is probably Why, We call it the PRESENT ?!? :^) There ain't no place, like this here place, anywhere near the place... So, This Must Be The Place !?! Any which way, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. Rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Spiritually, we are at various degrees of light, which is knowledge ! Whatever we become here in mortality is meaningless, unless it is done for the benefit of others. Our gifts and talents are given to us to help us serve and in serving others, we grow spiritually. Faith without works is dead (James 2 : 20). Until We Meet Again in the FUTURE ?!?

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