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If, like me, you have decided to finally start on your family tree and history I would seriously recommend this service. I have managed to add more information to my family with the help of using this service way more than I could have ever done myself. I also really like being able to compare certain persons in my family tree who also appear in someone else's tree, and possibly add new information or correct errors. You cannot lose with this service.

I recommend this site to all Americans who are tired of the crass monopolist Ancestry who still owns the rights to the actual use of the DNA of probably well over of its clients, by fooling them to give them the rights in paragraphs 4 and 7 of the terms which were too complex to read. Those who want to set what this site evolves into for those on the north end of the Western Hemisphere, might get a surprise, as Bob Coret is adding more items than I can find as it is stacking high. I will not need them as I am fighting the killing by elder killing of her doctor, with much help, but her Demmers-Harmeijer site here that she paid for until death, a small amount in euros, about 50 or 60 dollars, is well done and we worked on it together but then she spent 40 to 50 hours weeks doing it up right rather than rushed which I did to get her out of her American spouse's families and into the Dutch of her parents and her birth, as the Dutch whomp us Americans as to centuries of magnificent records online many of them. So if enough Americans join, be assured the team, will make this site a bifold one with Europe and Americas being covered at least Northern Hemisphere for both. I enjoy reviewing my large family tree regularly and use it at Ancestry just to rub their noses in it. For my tree put Kokomoor and for Henny's her father Anton Jacob Demmers an engineer, in the red search box on the red tool bar.' If I was i better financial shape I would pay eagerly for more features but I am homeless, truly homeless, in my car in the heat now of the South. Samuel McAliley II/Stop Elder Cleansing/Fight All Corrupt/KinMapper/Wm. Samuel McAliley II

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Werkt echt simpel en is duidelijk. Zou genealogieonline iedereen aanbevelen.

Prima site, veel mogelijkheden, ook met een gratis abonnement, en een betaald abonnement is niet duur en geeft goede extra mogelijkheden. Ik heb vorig jaar mijn nog jonge onderzoek hier gepubliceerd en was verrast door het resultaat. Kort geleden heb ik mijn betaalde abonnement met plezier verlengd.

goed om je stamboom te vinden ,en eventueel dingen aanpassen .dat zal de tijd leren en hoop dat ik vind wat ik zoek

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