The Wells - Gierach Family

Picture of Deborah Gierach
The The Wells - Gierach Family publication was prepared by (contact the author) and consists of 25,284 persons. Because of privacy, 749 persons are not made visible. More statistical information about the publication (like numbers and dispersion of genealogical events) can be found on the statistics page. A list with used sources can be found on the sources page. This publication was last updated on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

The families of Wells and Gierach are vastly different.  From the  cattle and horses of Texas to the farming and dairy of Wisconsin, both families were hard working settlers of this new country.  They endured hardships that future descendants couldn't imagine.  Our ancestors were hardy, and had to be to survive and thank goodness they did or none of us would be here today! 

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