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In a pedigree, all direct ancestors in a male and female line of a proband (also called pedigree) are listed or depicted. Genealogy Online displays pedigree records in textual and graphic form, among other things:

Grafische kwartiertaat van Bob Coret op Genealogy Online

The Genealogy Online Pedigree PDF wizard offers the possibility to create modern-looking pedigree records that you can print (or have them printed out) and have them plasticized to serve as a placemat.

Kwartierstaat PDF wizard op Genealogy Online

If you want to get an idea of where the ancestors were born, the birth places can be shown on a map:

Kwartierstaat op de kaart op Genealogy Online

An idea from the American genealogical blogger Paul Hawthorne, who combines pedigree and birth places, turned out to be very popular. The idea is simple: instead of the names (and dates) the places of birth (or provinces / countries) are shown, with each place being given a colored background to make it easier to distinguish patterns.

Genealogy Online has included the geo pedigree chart in its services as part of the Plus subscription. On the basis of your genealogical data (the GEDCOM file) and the designation of the proband (as the so-called starting point), a geo pedigree is created in addition to the existing views!

A geo pedigree chart on Genealogy Online looks like this:

Geo kwartierstaat op Genealogy Online

Click on the image above for the live view of the geo pedigree or view some other live examples of geo pedigree in Kwartierstaat van Cornelis Albert Othmar Naudin Ten Cate.

When the mouse is held over a place in the geo pedigree, the name, year of birth and place of the ancestor concerned are displayed. The display can also be adjusted, you can choose to show provinces or countries. Below the geo pedigree, the table shows how many people were born in the relevant city, province or country.

Geo kwartierstaat logoGeo pedigree chart In existing publications of Plus subscribers, the geo pedigree chart is automatically added and recognizable by the logo shown on the right. Don't have a publication on Genealogy Online yet? Place your genealogical data on Genealogy Online in simple 4 steps!

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