Question/answer » How should I submit my genealogical data?

If you have genealogically interesting material such as a family tree, pedigree, parental or prayer card collection, you can only submit it digitally via the website of Genealogy Online, this is done in four simple steps :

  • Step 1 - make yourself known by logging in with your e-mail address and password (or register first).
  • Step 2 - describe your publication (title, author name, additional information)
  • Step 3 - upload genealogical data in the form of a (possibly compressed) GEDCOM
  • Step 4 - check publication

Genealogy Online ensures that your material is turned into Internet pages that - under acknowledgment - are placed on Genealogy Online. As an extra service, your publication will be announced at various sites so that Internet users can find your publication!

Place your genealogical data now!

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