Question/answer » What does "Delivered, not linked" mean? Why don't I see my uploaded photos?

If you see many photos after submitting images and updating your publication, you will find them under the heading " Well supplied, not linked " in the "Image gallery notifications" page (the link can be found in the e-mail message about updating your publication ) This means that you have supplied images that are not found in the GEDCOM file that you have supplied.

You can not just upload images, they must be linked to people in your GEDCOM file. Also the names of the files you provide must exactly match the file names in the GEDCOM file.

If you have linked the images in your family tree program to people, these references will automatically end up in the GEDCOM file.

You can check this by opening the GEDCOM file in Notepad and searching for a construction like the following:
 0 @ I12345 @ INDI 
1 NAME Gerardus / Graphic artist /
2 FORM jpg
2 FILE scan2345329.jpg
2 TITL DTB scan, deed 123

In this piece of GEDCOM you can see the INDIviueel with NAME Gerardus "Graficus" of the Male gender. Attached to his person is an image of the JPG type with the name "scan2345329.jpg" and the title "DTB scan, deed 123". The image itself is not in the GEDCOM file!

If you do not find a "2 FILE" in your GEDCOM file, there are no links to images in your GEDCOM. Then check the settings of your family tree program and look in the help of the family tree program how to handle photos.

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