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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Henry Hatcher

Henry Hatcher


Ann Lound

Ann Hatcher
± 1660-1734
Mary Hatcher
Henry Hatcher
± 1662-1743
William Hatcher
± 1666-1743

Gezin van Henry Hatcher

Hij is getrouwd met Ann Lound.

in het jaar 1660 te Henrico, Virginia, hij was toen 23 jaar oud.Bron 3


  1. Ann Hatcher  ± 1660-1734
  2. Mary Hatcher  1662-1760 
  3. Henry Hatcher  ± 1662-1743
  4. Martha Hatcher  1664-1734
  5. William Hatcher  ± 1666-1743

Notities over Henry Hatcher

From Jerry Proudfit: Reports that Henry died intestate in 1677 in HenricoCo, VA, refers to wills and deeds, p 33. On 9/1/1677, Anne, relict and widow of Henry, was granted administration of the estate. Anne's will was probated on 12/1/1708. Will mentions AnnWard.y Hatcher, the following: To Henry Hatcher and William Hatcher, 2 mares, 2 heifers and 1feather bed and 2 gunns, to be divided when the first comes of age. To the three daughters Anne, Mary, and Martha, all daughters of one brother, Henry Hatcher, these things to be divided when the first comes of age: 3 heifers, 1mare. All to be put into {the hand} of Mr. Henry Lound, guardian to said children. Dated 1 April 1680.A proven November 1708 names a grandson, Henry Hatcher. "On Sept. 1, 1677 Ann, relict of Henry Hatcher deceased was granted administration of her deceased husband's Estate.(Henrico Records 1677-92 page 33; 27 w page 192)., names among other parties, grandson Henry Hatcher and granddaughters Ann Ward, MaryTanner and Blanks. Henrico Records vol. 1706-1709 27 w page192.ard Hatcher to their cousins William, Henry, Ann, Mary and Martha, their brother Henry Hatcher for certain horses and cattle."lon.usccesses of the last journey by my men performed gave me great hopes of a good success in the latter for I never heard from nor anything after I employed Mr. James Needham past from Aeno, an Indian town two days' journey beyond Occhonechee, in safety. But now begins the tragic scene of mishap. Upon the 27th of January following, I received a flying report by some Indians that my men were killed by the Tomahittans passing over their river as they were returning. Now daily came variable reports of their miscarriage. All Indians spoke darkly to hide the truth from being discovered for fear the guilt of the murder would be layed upon themselves. I sent another man out to inquire what might be found out of truth in the business, but before his return upon the 25th of February came one Henry Hatcher, an Englishman, to my house who had been at Occhonechee trading with those Indians, and tells me that my man I last sent out was stopped there by the Occhonechees from going any further until Hatcher pursuaded them to let my man pass, which they did accordingly. This Hatcher further told me that Mr. James Needham was certainly killed at his going out, but by whom he knew not, but as the Occhonechees said by the Tomahittans that went with him, but said Hatcher I saw the Occhonechee Indian known by the name of John, a fat thick bluff faced fellow, have Mr. James Needham's pistols and gun in his hand, as the Indian himself told Hatcher.n Gabriel Arthur at the first to the Tomahittans and returned with Mr. James Needham to my house where he the said John received a reward to his content and agreed with me to go again with him. And endeavor his protection to the Tomahittans and to return with Mr. James Needham and my man to my house the next spring and to that end received half his pay in hand. The rest he was to receive at his return. My poor man Gabriel Arthur all this while captivated all this time in a strange land, where never Englishman before had set foot, in all likelihood either slain, or at least never likely to return to see the face of an Englishman, but by the great providence and protection of God almighty still survives which just God will not suffer just and honest endeavors to fall quite to the ground. Maugre the devil and all his adherents.ecame an active competitor of Major Wood for the Indian trade. There were other independent traders, such as Henry Hatcher, who reported to Major Wood details of Needham's death at the hand of the Occaneechi and when Byrd visited his estate of Eden in Northo say the initials read Joseph Hatcher, Henry Hatcher and Benjamin Bullington, three Indian traders who camped under that tree sixty years before......"f books but I must take exception to the notion these initials "read" anything at all and that Mrs Clement is making a wild assumption in claiming J H is Joseph Hatcher. There has never been found a Joseph Hatcher in this particular family. Based on the document written by Abraham Wood, I will make the assumption that J H "reads" John Hasecoll - Indian John. Since Indian John was often used as a guide to locate the constantly moving tribes, it seems to make perfect sense that Indian John would be the guide for Henry Hatcher and Ben Bullington.f Henrico County, Virginia, part one 1654-1737idow and relict Anne Hatcher, is appointed administrator, and is to present an inventory at the next court.ds, 1677-1705her and William Hatcher, 2 mares, 2 heifers and 1 feather bed and 2 gunns, to be divided when the first comes of age. To the three daughters Anne, Mary, and Martha Hatcher, all daughters of one brother Henry Hatcher, these things to be divided when the first comes of age: 3 heifers, 1 mare. All to be put into hands of Mr. Henry Lound, guardian to said children. Dated 1 April 1680, Richard Cocke, Sr.n B Weisinger III, p.55:cher, William Hatcher, and Martha Hatcher, 2 brown cows, and to said Mary and Martha 1 mare. These four children to be possessed of this at age 15. Anne Hatcher to have hers at 15 or marriage.........20 Aug 1678.ecretary from the estate given him and his brother William by their uncles Edward and Benjamin Hatcher and Mr Lound promises to give him notice of this order.e date of this record is actually Aug 1694 on his full text transcript.r's orphans now released, all orphans now being of age.hese children seem to be identified in the sequence of their birth in all records as follows: Anne, Henry, Mary, William and Martha. All were minors - the girls under 18 (born 1660-1677) and the boys under 21 (born 1657-1677). Henry Lound's gift to these children in 1678 shows that Anne is under 15 (born after 1662).y had to be age 21 or older to be given that responsibility by the court, making him born before 1673. Henry Lound stated in 1697 that all were of age suggesting that Martha was born c1676. By using 3 yr intervals backwards, we can now attempt to establish birth years as follows:m bn 1673, died c1694nr b: ABT 1670 in HenricoCo, VA

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