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Hij heeft/had een relatie met Marian Newporte.


  1. Edward Hatcher,  1634-1711 
  2. Henry Hatcher  1637-1677 
  3. William Hatcher  1639-1694
  4. Jane Hatcher  1640-1710 
  5. Benjamin Hatcher  1644-1727
  6. Susannah Hatcher  1646-1699 

Notities over William Hatcher Sr.

~~1~~William Hatcher, Sr. served in the Virginia House of Burgesses, though his career was tumultuous. He one called the Speaker a "Devil," had to apologize on his knees before the assembled body, but continued to create problems during his years of service.m the work of John Gillon, familytree@@gillon.uss belief, some claiming his father to be a Thomas Hatcher, others claiming William Hatcher. But none can provide even a shred of documentation to support this claim.earching the English records and documents, Emory Hatcher, through a professional British genealogist, has disproved all possible Hatcher males of the Careby Hatchers as the father of William with one exception. One Henry Hatcher simply disappears from the records after 1599. There is no evidence that this Henry is William's father, but because of the lack of records simply cannot be completely eliminated as a possibility.tent Book No 1, Part 1, p 40: 1 June 1636: William Hatcher is granted 200 ac Henrico Co on Appomatuck River "near to the land of Elizabeth Warde, widow", 50 for his personal adventures and 150 for transporting 3 persons including himself. Near to the land of Pearse and Mary Box.ter. And in 1637 William again imported 3 people: Benjamin Gregory, Thomas Browne, and Charles Howell.merton, Mary, Sarah, Mary Sarah Smith, and Marion Newport. There has been no evidence found to my knowledge proving the name of William's wife. In June 1999 the Jamestown Society accepted the thesis of Jerry Proudfit of Atlanta, GA, that William was not married when he arrived in this country. His argument was based on the fact that had William arrived with a wife and child, Edward, who is believed to have been born in England c1633, William would have claimed an additional 100 acres for importing his wife and child. He did not do this. This is the basis for correcting Edward's likely birth date to 1637.g though, is that this land was purchased by William, Jr and Henry in 1661 indicating that both were born before 1640.. of Curles in Henrico Parish and Co. Thos. Jarvis, of Kignotang, Elizabeth City Co., Gent. who married the Relict of and is Trustee of the estate of said Bacon. deed from Edward Hatcher. Consideration 1100 pds. of Tobacco paid by said Bacon decd. to sd. Hatcher. 50 acres in Varina adjoining land formerly belonging to the widow Parker, now in possession of Wm. Byrd, Esq. and is part of a dividend of 200 acres formerly belonging to William Dawkes, being purchased of Robert Bullington and Henry Rowing and Alice, his wife, by Wm. Hatcher Jr. and Henry Hatcher by two conveyances Feb. 1, 1661, and conveyed by Henry Hatcher to Edward Hatcher Aug. 20, 1667. Mary, wife of said Edward Hatcher, relinquishes her dower. Recorded-April 1, 1694.n ca 1639, and Jane born ca 1640. If we now give Henry a birth date of before 1640, we would have a number of children born in a very tight time span. It is of course possible that William arrived here earlier than the assumed 1635 and that he may have been born a few years earlier than 1613.ents and Grants", by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol 1; Virginia State Library and Archives, Richmond 1992: Patent Book 1, Part 1, page 433, July 10, 1637 shows 850 acres; Book 1, Part 2, page 559, May 29, 1638 shows 150 acres for transporting 3 persons;s a resident of Henrico. On June 1 1636 he received a patent for land for the importation of himself and three others into the colony. In the land grant office in Richmond are recorded the several grants of land issued to this William Hatcher, in Book 1, page 433, 850 acres; Book 1, page 559, 150 acres; Book 6 page 529, 227 acres. In their beginnings in Henrico, the Hatchers...were very well to do people. William Hatcher, the immigrant became a member of the House of Burgesses from the County of Henrico and served in that capacity in 1644,1645,1646,1649,and 1652. Colonial Virginia Register, p. 65; 5 V. 98.s maliciously reported by William Hatcher to be an atheist and blasphemer..... and forasmuch as the said William Hatcher... hath also reported, that the mouth of this house was a Devil....It is therefore ordered by this house, that the said William Hatcher, upon his knees, make an humble acknowledgement of his offence unto the said Col. Edward Hill and Burgesses of this Assembly; which accordingly was performed, and then he, the said Hatcher, dismist paying his fees."t the temper which induced him to denounce Speaker Hill, got him into trouble at the time of Bacon's Rebellion. At a court held by the Governor and Council, March 15, 1676-7.g brought before the court for uttering divers mutinous words tending to the disquiett of this his Majesty's countrey, and it being evidently made appeare what was layd to his charge by divers oaths, and a jury being impanelled to assesse the damages, who bring in their verdict that they award the said Hatcher to pay ten thousand pounds of tobacco and caske, which verdict of the jury this honourable court doth confirme: but in respect the said Hatcher is an aged man, the court doth order that the said Hatcher doe pay with all expedition eight thousand pounds of drest porke unto his Majestie's Commander of his forces in Henrico county. for the supply of the souldiers, which if he fayle to doe, that he pay eight thousands pounds of tobacco and caske the next cropp, and pay costs."s much more fortunate than most who took part in this rebellion which was called by Bancroft the "Harbinger of American Nationality". Many were committed to prison and were condemned of all or most of their property, which, incidentally was given to friends and supporters of the King. The citizens of Henrico Co sent the King a list of their grievances and requested that they be heard. This manuscript signed by: Wilber Elam, John Pleasants, Solomon Knibbe, and Will Hatcher. This was reported in "The History of Henrico Co, VA".n 1993: In 1658/59 at Newport on Rhode Island Mr. Robt. Potter acted for Mr William Breuton, merchant and Mathew Burne of Boston to sell a ship or Barq for 300 pounds lawful money of England to George Potter, Wm. Hatcher and Henry Randolph all rights in the vessel Blackbird. This was evidently a fairly good size ship considering the amount paid for it. Now we also know that young Thomas (Burton, Jr) carried on a merchant trade with Boston as evidenced by a suit brought against him and he may have died at sea in this very Barq as his wife states.."I never heard any certain information of ye manner of ye death of my dear husband Mr. Thomas Burton." Even though there were many years between the purchase of the ship by William Hatcher, Henry Randolph and George Potter this could certainly have been the one used by young Thomas Burton around 1686/1691 at the time of the letter to his mother regarding his estate. In the book "Ship Names-Origins and Usages during 45 Centuries" by Don H Kennedy the Blackbird is listed as being red with a reference "Yachting" 20, No. 5 (1916); 197.ill Hatcher, 227 acs, Henrico Co, S side James Riv, 26 Sept 1674, Bet. Gilbert Elam & Henry Lown. Trans of 5 pers: Tho. Childers, Sarah Poynter, Hen. Davernett, Edwd Stringer, Ann Fryer.-----------r of our Lord God 1680 and in the thirty-second year of the reign of our sovereign Lord, Charles The Second by the grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King defender of the faith.N THE NAME OF GOD (amen) I William Hatcher being in perfect memory but now stricken in years do make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. In primus I give and bequeath my spirit to Almighty God who gave it to me whensoever it shall please him to call me out of this sinful world and my body to the ground. Item: I give unto Thomas Burton, Jr. the plantation between the land of Mr. Henry Lound and the land of Gilbert Elam to wit: two hundred and twentysix acres, his choice of all my horses or mares, one heifer called blackchops, a young ewe, and a years schooling and clothes, till he reaches the age of seventeen years, to the confirmation of which I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this two and twentieth day of February, 1676/7.resence of: John Pleasants, Henry Geenging. s/Will Hatcherhat it to be Hatcher's deed, these two being witnesses to ye same.l of William Hatcher, Henrico County, VA., Will and Deed Book Part 1, pg 121. Will of William Hatcher (Burton-Allen/Hatcher Anthology p 236, The Colonial Genealogist, from an article by Glenn M. Turnell, FAS).s until he arrives at 17 years of age. 20 February 1676/7. Wit John Pleasants and Henry Gee. Before signing, "I give also to Thomas Burton Jr. the second choice of all my bed and furniture." Recorded 1 April 1680 (see patent 26 Sept 1674).l 1680. It names no executor or residuary legatee and in fact mentions no child at all. On 26 September 1674 he had procured a patent for 227 acres of land in Henrico County; this land he devised for life to Thomas Burton Jr. together with the latter's choice of his horses and mares, one heifer, one Ewe, a years schooling, and clothing until he arrives at the age of seventeen, also the second choice of his bed and its furniture. Such a Will is more like a deed of a gift to one particular relative than a Will; the rest of his property was permitted to pass as in intestacy, and on 1 April 1680 Edward and Benjamin Hatcher, William Hatcher's surviving sons made a gift to the minor children of their deceased brother Henry of cattle and other personal property out of the estate of William Hatcher and then divided the residue among themselves.n Benjamin Hatcher and Robert Sharpe, both inhabitants of Henrico Co.,: There is now a tract in the county called Varina, lately in possession of William Hatcher, dec'd, and claimed at law by said Robert Sharpe, and the right of said William since his death being derived to said Benjamin Hatcher, and also claimed by said Sharpe. Now for valuable consideration to both parties and to avoid future suits about the tract, 200 acres, they agree the land should be divided equally; and Robert shall have first choice. 31 March 1680.e

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  • Stadhouder Prins Maurits (Huis van Oranje) was van 1585 tot 1625 vorst van Nederland (ook wel Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden genoemd)
  • In het jaar 1613: Bron: Wikipedia
    • 24 april » Irokezen en Nederlanders (Jacob Eelckens en Hendrick Christiaenssen) sluiten in Nieuw-Amsterdam een handelsverdrag, dat bezegeld werd met een zilveren ketting en een wampum van respectievelijk Nederlandse en Indiaanse zijde.
    • 29 juni » Het Globe Theatre in Londen brandt tot de grond toe af, waarschijnlijk door een kanonschot tijdens een opvoering van 'Henry VIII', dat het rieten dak deed vlamvatten.

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