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Genealogy Online offers many possibilities with regard to publishing your genealogical data and historical images on the Internet. Below is a brief overview of the features and possibilities of Genealogy Online.

  • Each genealogical publication has its own recognizable Internet address, unique title and consistently displays the author's name.
  • The service is aimed at publishing data, making discoveries and making contacts. The service is not aimed at creating and editing data online, there are plenty of good pedigree programs for this.
  • There is a site-wide search feature and there is a search by publication.
  • Individuals can be classified as Sosa or progenitor, these people form the starting points of genealogical reports. The reports are available in both HTML and PDF and EPUB and are also available as graphic representation.
  • Data are provided of contextual information to simulate the time.
  • Images can be included in the publication, made visible per person and an image gallery.
  • Statistics give a different view of the complete genealogical data set, such as based on geography, events annually and popularity of names.
  • Data of living persons are not published by default, unless permission is given by persons in question, and this is set by the author.
  • Your publication (and people therein) will be reported to Google, the Family Tree Guide and Family Tree Finder so that the data can be found online.
  • Authors of publication are informed of matches between family trees, so that contact can be made and information can be exchanged.
  • The quality of data is automatically checked, both authors and visitors get to see reports concerning found inconsistencies.
  • The website is available in four languages: Dutch, English, German and French.
  • Place names are checked in geographic databases for uniformity and recognisability.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to publish your genealogical data on Genealogy Online. You remain free of technical details so that you can fully focus on the genealogy research!
  • Updating your publication can also be done through Dropbox.
  • Have you lost your genealogical data? Download the latest version of your uploaded GEDCOM file as a backup.
  • You can limit the access to data and / or images, so these are only visible to people you grant access.
  • You can add stories and documents to your publication.
  • Personalize the appearance of your publication (background) and reports.
  • Suggestions are given for online scans of certificates and photographs of gravestones on the basis of data from your publication.
  • For each publication, the visitor statistics are tracked and displayed.
  • You remain the owner of your genealogical information and images!
  • If you are satisfied with the service of Genealogy Online you can upgrade your subscription to a Plus subscription with even more functionality and service!
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