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Personal data Katherine Girlington 

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Ancestors (and descendant) of Katherine Girlington

Nicholas Girlington
< 1555-< 1637
Joan Bayley
± 1559-????
William Drakett
± 1566-????
William Girlington
< 1589-< 1617
Anne Draket
± 1589-????

Katherine Girlington
< 1617-< 1659

John Girlington
< 1637-< 1706

Household of Katherine Girlington

She is married to John Girlington.

They got married in the year 1633 at York, North Yorkshire, England.Source 1


  1. John Girlington  < 1637-< 1706 

Notes about Katherine Girlington

[Johnson-Johnston and Related Lines]

Katherine was the heir of her uncle, Nicholas Girlington of South Cave, and her marriage to her cousin Sir John Girlington brought together the lines of Normanby and Thurland.

13 Feb 1643 Lady Girlington and Lady Houghton were temporarily taken prioner after the fall of Preston

After Sir John Girlington died, Katherine was tried in abstenctia in South Cave, Yorkshire (Southam Cave) during the time of England's Black Tribunal.  She was fined 800 pounds for being a Loyalist and Jacobite.
[England's Black Tribunal, page 346].

In 1658, sometime after the above mentioned court or tribunal, court was held for the "Worshipful John Girlington" acting on behalf of his mother's interest, with Samuel Jobson as steward.  This was Sir John Girlington's first attempt to rectify his mother's inhertance.

At that time, the family was informed of her fine for being a Loyalist (or Jacobite).  The fines of the most prominent land holders were:

John Marshall, gent, of South Cave - 13 pounds, Samuel Jobson of Brantingham - 40 pounds, Francis Danby, gent, of South Cave - 320 pounds, Dame Catherine Girlington of Southam - 800 pounds

Francis Danby was Lord of the Bailiwick and East Hall, comprising the other two thirds of the South Cave Castle estate.  Even though her overall holdings were less than half of those of Farncis Danby, it seems Dame Katherine was being made an example due to her strong feelings and ties to the Sturat monarchy; and, for her late husband's active roll in the Loyalists military fight against the Parliamentary forces.  In fact, it is noted that when Thurland fell, she was temporarily taken prisoner again.

Katherine Girlington died after the court hearing of 1658 and before 1660.  From 1658 until 1660, she appeared on the list of tennants of Faxfleet Manor as Domina Katherine Girlington "pro manorio sua". Tunstall parish records in Lancashire show her as being buried on 11 Nov 1659.

In 1660, her son, John Girlington, returned to South Cave and sold West Hall to to the then current owner of the Bailiwick and East Hall, Francis Harrison.  This gave Francis Harrison control of the entire South Cave Castle estate.  It would appear that most of the proceeds went into a trust controlled by the Commonwealth authorities, as John Girlington received little or nothing at all from the court upon conclusion of the sale.

Again John Girlington returned in 1671 in an attempt to again gain access to his mother's inheritance.  Since the Stuarts had been restored and John had been knighted again, it appears he had high confidence in finally acquiring access to these funds.  However, there must not have been any funds remaining in the trust, or again the records of such trust had been conveniently lost by the previous Commonwealth authorities, as he was unsuccessful in recovering any funds at that time, or at any point in the future.

The marriage to Adam Bland has yet to be documented. ; Katherine was referred to as Lady Katherine Girlington up until her death in 1659. She was buried in Tunstall Parish and noted in the Tunstall Parish records as Domina Katern Girlington.  The marriage is quoted by Burke and by Stirnet, but both used a compilation of resources wihout researching those sources for accuracy.  It seems at the time, neither Burke nor Stirnet researched their sources, rather merely compiled them into pedigrees.



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