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He is married to Wandilmode de Worms.

They got married.


  1. Wandelmode de Troyes  867-???? 
  2. Eudes (Odo) II de Troyes  ± 1040-± 1111 

Notes about Eudes I Odo I de Troyes comte de Troyes

Eudes I, comte de Troyes is your 34th great grandfather.
¬â€  ·Üí Henry Marvin Welborn
your father ·Üí Henry Marvin Welborn, Sr.
his father ·Üí Calhoun H. Welborn
his father ·Üí Younger Welborn
his father ·Üí William "Billy" Welborn
his father ·Üí Aaron Welborne
his father ·Üí James Welborn
his father ·Üí Ann B. Wellborn
his mother ·Üí William H. Crabtree
her father ·Üí James Thomas Crabtree
his father ·Üí Samuel Crabtree
his father ·Üí William Thomas Crabtree
his father ·Üí Grace Crabtree
his mother ·Üí George Courtenay
her father ·Üí John Courtney, MP, of Lanivet
his father ·Üí Richard Courtney
his father ·Üí Edmund Courtney
his father ·Üí Sir Philip Courtenay, of Powderham and Molland
his father ·Üí Sir John Courtenay, of Powderham
his father ·Üí Sir Philip Courtenay, KG, MP
his father ·Üí Sir Hugh Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon
his father ·Üí Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Earl of Devon
his father ·Üí Sir Hugh Courtenay, Baron of Oakhampton
his father ·Üí John de Courtenay, Baron of Okehampton
his father ·Üí Sir Robert de Courtenay, Baron of Okehampton
his father ·Üí Renaud II de Courtenay
his father ·Üí Renauld de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay
his father ·Üí Miles (Milo) de Courtenay, seigneur de Courtenay
his father ·Üí Joscelin I de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay
his father ·Üí Athon de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay & de Ch√¢teaurenard
his father ·Üí Renaud, seigneur de Ch√¢teau-Renard
his father ·Üí Renaud "the Old", count of Sens
his father ·Üí Fromont I, comte de Sens
his father ·Üí Garnier of Sens, count of Troyes
his father ·Üí Wandelmode de Troyes
his mother ·Üí Eudes I, comte de Troyes
her father

Eudes I, comte de Troyes is your 33rd great grandfather.
¬â€ ¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Geneva Allene Welborn¬â€ 
your mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Alice Elmyra Smith¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Nellie Mary Henley¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ John Merrit Wooldridge¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíMerritt Wooldridge¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Chesley Wooldridge¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Edward Wooldridge, Jr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Wooldridge¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Martha Flournoy¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíJane Gower¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Marian Mary Hatcher¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Capt. Christopher Newport, Admiral of Virginia¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Christopher Newport, Sr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíChristopher Richard Newporte¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Allington¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Allington¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Elizabeth Cokayne¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Baroness Ida Cokayne¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíReynold de Grey, 2nd Baron Grey de Ruthin¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Elizabeth Hastings, Baroness Grey of Ruthin¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Isabel de Valence¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíWilliam de Valence, 1st Earl of Pembroke¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Isabella of Angoulême¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Alice "Alix" de Courtenay, comtesse d'Angoulême¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí√âlisabeth de Courtenay¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Renauld de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Miles (Milo) de Courtenay, seigneur de Courtenay¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíJoscelin I de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Athon de Courtenay, Seigneur de Courtenay & de Ch√¢teaurenard¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíRenaud, seigneur de Ch√¢teau-Renard¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Renaud "the Old", count of Sens¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Fromont I, comte de Sens¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíGarnier of Sens, count of Troyes¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Wandelmode de Troyes¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Eudes I, comte de Troyes¬â€ 
her father

Eudes de Troyes, comte de Troyes
circa 829¬â€ 
Troyes, Aube, Champagne, France
circa August 01, 871¬â€ (34-50)¬â€ 
Troyes, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Place of Burial:
Troyes, France
Immediate Family:
Son of¬â€ Count Robert "Rutpert" Von Wormsgau, III¬â€ and¬â€ Waldrada of Worms¬â€ 
Husband of¬â€ Wandilmode de Worms¬â€ 
Father of¬â€ Raoul de Dijon, Comte de Dijon;¬â€ Wandelmode de Troyes;¬â€ Eudes II, comte de Troyes¬â€ and¬â€ Robert I, comte de Troyes¬â€ 
Brother of¬â€ Aleran I de Worms;¬â€ Rothieda di Spoleto;¬â€ Adalhelm de Laon;¬â€ Guiguin, comte de Soissons;¬â€ Guntram, 4th Count in Wormsgau;¬â€ Oda Wormsgau, Countess;¬â€ Meingaud d'Anjouand¬â€ Adelaide d'Auxerre¬â€ ¬´ less¬â€ 

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Timeline Eudes I Odo I de Troyes comte de Troyes

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