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Household of Hildegarde "The Beautiful" of the Vizgaw

Waarschuwing Attention: Partner (Theodric de Gand, Lord of Ghent) is 198 years younger.

(1) She is married to Karel "The Great" Charlemagne King of Acquitaine.

They got married in the year 771, she was 12 years old.


  1. Pepin Martel of Italy King of the Lombards Carloman King of Italy  773-810 
  2. Adalhaid of Aquitaine  774-774
  3. Rotrude of France  775-810 
  4. Lothar (twin of Louis the Pious) Martel  778-779
  5. Louis I "The Pious" King of Acquitanie  778-840 
  6. Bertha of France  779-826 
  7. Gisela "The Younger" Abbess of Chelles Abbey  781-808
  8. Hildegarde of Aquitaine  782-783

(2) She has/had a relationship with Theodric de Gand, Lord of Ghent.


  1. Rothildis of the Carolingians  784-852 
  2. Adeltrude of the Carolingians  790-???? 

Notes about Hildegarde "The Beautiful" of the Vizgaw

Although Charlemagne already had an older son (Pepin the Hunchback) from his first union with Himiltrude, he was not considered an heir after the rebellion in which he participated in 792. In his will of 806 (the called Divisio Regnorum), he divided his domains between the three surviving sons of Hildegard. Because her son Louis the Pious succeeded Charlemagne as Emperor, Hildegard is often called "mother of Kings and Emperors".

· Charles (772/73 - 4 December 811 in Bavaria[20]), the eldest son according to Paul the Deacon, who recorded his parentage.[21] His father associated him in the government of Francia and Saxony in 790, and crowned joint King of the Franks at Rome on 25 December 800, but died before his father.[16]

· Rotrude (775 - 6 June 810[22]), named after her paternal great-grandmother. "Hruodrudem et Bertham et Gislam" are named daughters of King Charles and Hildegard by Einhard.[23] Angilbert's poem Ad Pippinum Italiæ regum names (in order) "Chrodthrudis...Berta...Gisla et Theodrada" as daughters of King Charles.[24] She was betrothed in 781 with Constantine VI, Emperor of Byzantium, and received the name Erythro in preparation for her future wedding. The betrothal was broken in 787,[25] and she, like all her sisters, remained unmarried. From a liaison with Rorgo of Rennes she had one son, the latter Louis, Abbot of Saint-Denis.

· Carloman (777 - 8 July 810 in Milan, buried Verona, San Zeno Maggiore), renamed Pepin in Rome on 15 April 781 by Pope Adrian I, and crowned King of Italy that day. He also predeceased his father.

· Louis (Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Vienne, 16 April/September 778 - 20 June 840 in Ingelheim, buried Metz, Abbey of Saint-Arnould). He is named, and his parentage recorded, by Paul the Deacon, which specifies that he was his parents' third son, born a twin with Lothair.[21] Crowned King of Aquitaine in Rome on 15 April 781 by Pope Adrian I, his father named him as his successor at Aix-la-Chapelle, crowning him as joint Holy Roman Emperor on 11 September 813.

· Bertha (779/80 - after 11 March 824), named after her paternal grandmother. An offer by Offa of Mercia to arrange a marriage between her and his son, Ecgfrith, led to Charlemagne breaking off diplomatic relations with Britain in 790, and banning British ships from his ports.[26] Like her sisters, she never married, but from her liaison with Angilbert, a court official, she had two sons: Hartnid (about whom little is known) and the historian Nithard, Abbott of St. Riquier.

Gisela (before May 781 - after 800, maybe after 814). Named after her surviving paternal aunt, she was baptized in Milan in May 781.[27]

She is married to Karel 'de Grote' der Franken in the year 771, she was 12 years old.Source 1


· Koning Karel 'de Jonge' ± 772-811

· Adelheid der Karolingen ± 773-774

· Rotrudis van Frankrijk ± 775-810

· Pepijn I der Lombarden van Italië 777-810

· Lotharius der Karolingen 778-± 780

· Lodewijk I der Karolingen 778-840

· Bertrade der Karolingen ± 780-829

· Gisela der Karolingen 781-808

· Hildegardis 782-783

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Timeline Hildegarde "The Beautiful" of the Vizgaw

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