Familie Keijzer » Pedigree of Franciscus Hendrikus Sonnemans

Generation 1


Franciscus Hendrikus Sonnemans, son of Petrus Sonnemans follow 2 en Catharina Wulms follow 3, was born on March 30, 1919 and was baptized. Franciscus Hendrikus died at the age of 54 on June 30, 1973.

Generation 2


Petrus Sonnemans, son of Eimericus Sonnemans follow 4 en Elisabeth Terken follow 5, was born on April 8, 1889 in Deurne en Liessel, L. Nederland. He is landbouwer by profession. Petrus died at the age of 89 on December 22, 1978 in Helden, L. Nederland.


Catharina Wulms, daughter of Jan Francis Wulms follow 6 en Anna Elisabeth Hanssen follow 7, was born on February 23, 1891 in Helden, L. Nederland. She is dienstmeid by profession. Catharina died at the age of 67 on February 19, 1959 in Venlo, L. Nederland.

Generation 3


Eimericus Sonnemans, son of Peter Sonnemans follow 8 en Petronel Nijssen follow 9, was born on November 1, 1859 in Meijel, L. Nederland. Eimericus died at the age of 45 on April 18, 1905 in Deurne en Liessel, L. Nederland.


Elisabeth Terken, daughter of Hermanus Tercken follow 10 en Petronella Smeets follow 11, was born on October 28, 1865 in Helden, L. Nederland. Elisabeth died at the age of 37 on May 17, 1903 in Deurne en Liessel, L. Nederland.


Jan Francis Wulms, son of Francis Gabriel Wulms follow 12 en Joanna Catharina Aspers follow 13, was born on March 19, 1854 in Weert, L. Nederland. He is landbouwer by profession. Jan Francis died.


Anna Elisabeth Hanssen, daughter of Leonardus Hanssen follow 14 en Petronella Ghielen follow 15, was born on April 1, 1857 in Helden, L. Nederland. She is landbouwster by profession. Anna Elisabeth died.

Generation 4


Peter Sonnemans, son of Joannes Mathias Sonnemans follow 16 en Maria Martens Peters follow 17, was born on July 23, 1818 in Meijel, L. Nederland. Peter died at the age of 67 on October 3, 1885 in Meijel, L. Nederland.


Petronel Nijssen, daughter of Mathijs Nijssen follow 18 en Hendrina Gerits follow 19, was born on August 3, 1818 in Meijel, L. Nederland. Petronel died.


Hermanus Tercken, son of Hendrik Tercken follow 20 en Johanna Wilms follow 21, was born on March 17, 1825 in Helden, L. Nederland. He is dienstknecht by profession. Hermanus died.


Petronella Smeets, daughter of Jacob Smeets follow 22 en Petronella Verhart follow 23, was born on July 27, 1835 in Maasbree, L. Nederland. Petronella died.


Francis Gabriel Wulms, son of Joannes Wulms follow 24 en Martina Stienen follow 25, was born on August 12, 1821 in Weert, L. Nederland. Francis Gabriel died.


Joanna Catharina Aspers, daughter of Willem Aspers follow 26 en Elisabeth Siemons follow 27, was born on June 29, 1829 in Weert, L. Nederland. Joanna Catharina died.


Leonardus Hanssen, son of Marten Hanssen follow 28 en Beatrix Thillemans follow 29, was born on March 7, 1828 in Maasbree, L. Nederland. Leonardus died.


Petronella Ghielen, daughter of Petrus Ghielen follow 30 en Anna Elisabeth Driessen follow 31, was born on November 23, 1826 in Helden, L. Nederland. Petronella died.

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