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The Sonkes come from Zeeland (The Netherlands)

The origin of the Sonkes

There is no doubt: the Sonkes are a very Dutch family, originating from the province of Zeeland, more specifically from the island of Zuid-Beveland. Later on someone ‘emigrated’ to the island of Tholen which started a large family there. In 1947 78,5 % of the Sonkes lived in Zeeland. Nowadays they live all over the country. In the 19th and 20st century several of them emigrated to Canada and the United States.

Originally they were farmhands or maids, sometimes they were farmer; in general they were simple countrypeople or craftsman such as carpenter, blacksmith or shopkeeper. Nowadays you will find Sonkes in all kinds of occupations, such as medical doctors as well as teachers, businessmen and artists.

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