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The surname of Haverbus gives those using it a genuine love for their fellow man and the desire to assume responsibility for others. They are warm-hearted and sincere in manner. They will often participate actively in community affairs. People tend to seek their advice, for their judgment is sound in both business and personal matters, and they usually exemplify stability in their own personal lives. They like the settled environment of a home and family. Natural parents, they respect parenthood as a serious responsibility. They are usually a very close-knit family, and can enjoy one another's association, although there could be a tendency to be over-possessive. Self-sufficient and independent, they are happiest when in business for themselves, or when managing a business. They would make good teachers, doctors, lawyers, or real estate sales people. Although quite practical in nature, they can enjoy music and the arts and could become musical themselves. They are decisive and reliable, although they do take life too seriously and worry too much. Although this name has many fine qualities, the degree of harmony in the family will depend greatly upon the characteristics created by the first names of individual members in the family. 

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