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From the desk of Dr. Wilton McDonald Esq. 

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Intro/ Background 

I'm a senior hedge funds lawyer/ British chartered accountant/ holder of multiple academic degrees  and researcher in genealogy. 

For the last 3 years I’ve worked on expanding my family tree to over 552,000 members, and have completed 8 DNA tests including the Big Y and whole genome tests. I manage around 50 DNA kits and have seen that most of my fellow Haplo Es have DNA subclades dated around 500 to 1000 years which makes them younger than most Haplo Rs- confirming the existence of Euro /UK Africans who lived in the UK and Europe for thousands of years. On the other hand I note that some of my kit holders who are Haplos A through E have subclades dated around 4,000 years old but then again my Indian mom’s brother who is surprisingly not Indian, but a Haplo O or Chinese has a date attributed to his O subclade over 6,000 years approaching the Judeo-Christian timeline for the world from a black Adam.  The lines have been blurred and when I went to Madagascar/ Africa in January this year (2023) - I discovered a close Big Y DNA cousin out of over 1.3 billion people. I have no records of any family members coming from Africa, but I was surprised to come across a Big Y cousin which represents  odds off the scale and smaller than the chance of getting hit by lightning in your living room!   My E subclade is E-FT405608 and linked to Orkney Scotland and dated around 900 years to most distant ancestor. 

Here are other challenges I am faced with – 1) my Indian mom has very few DNA matches – ie 200 across all the DNA platforms but me and my dad have over 15,000 DNA matches on an autosomal basis. Some DNA companies have wiped out my 10 percent Celtic ethnicity replacing with East Indian and making me 60 percent Indian. With my dad having zero Indian ethnicity this makes my mom 120 percent Indian. How can anyone be 120 percent of anything?   2) I have over 1300 DNA matches with 1 single white Australian woman with Scottish parents on both sides. This is very hard to reconcile given my erased Celtic background and this fact alone backs up my position about Euro blacks. If blacks indeed lived in the UK/ Europe up to just 300 to 500 years ago and pure whites are “newcomers” – then this result with this single white woman helps to explain recent migration of pure whites. Note autosomal has a limit of around 5 to 7 generations and maxes out at 200 years whereas the Big Y test which I have also done and is limited to men as we possess the Y chromosome- the Y test goes back thousands of years. 


Other challenges- the missing docs / evidence –

1 . Ben Franklin wrote in 1751 in his essay on the increase of mankind that the number of pure whites in the world was very small-   According to the United Nations the ratio of  whites to non-whites in the world is 1.5 to 8.5 and this ratio will decrease to 1 to 9 by the year 2050. 


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2. French Count Volney in 1787 observed a negroid looking Great Sphinx in Egypt  with thick lips and broad nose but the Sphinx was defaced after 1787 ,

3. Roman lawyer Tacitus (b. AD 50) who observed the construction of Hadrian’s Wall but also observed the black African PICTS who he described as pygmies but most of his books are missing 

4. We know the great Library at Alexandria Egypt  was burnt down - ……deliberately 

5. Donald Monro in the 1500s observed blacks in Scotland/ Europe but all his original books are missing 

6. The Christian Bible had 80 books including the Book of Enoch which detailed the Caucasoid giants or Nephilim. Under this point- we know of many newspaper articles released over 200 years in America and Europe detailing finding of “giant bones” but most or all have gone missing !  If found there would be hard evidence of the Nephilim and correlation which whites/ Asians. The Bible now has 66 books but today the Ethiopians still use a full 80 book Bible which a black Stewart King James commissioned in 1611. 

7. Henry VIII and his side kick Thomas Cromwell in the 1500s destroyed most of the black icons and statues/ images of Euro blacks to pave the way for the Church of England 

8.  The direct descendant of Thomas Cromwell – Oliver Cromwell in the 1600s murdered / deported blacks in the UK and Europe and their records were mixed with West Africans.  The Jacobite murders – not just about religion but also race. The oldest clans connected to the Picts were black.

9. French Revolution in the late 1700s brought an end to the black nobility- and saw the pure whites installed into positions of power especially the young Freemasons / East India Co- who controlled the fate of history and the narrative in existence. 

10. Christopher Columbus was painted in early 1800s by an English painter and depicted as a black man! 

11. Most or almost all of the USA’s founding fathers in the 18th century were black ! They have very cloudy /missing paternal DNA lines, 

12.  Most of the artwork / paintings of the 13th – to 19th centuries have been doctored and are most likely fakes,

13.  Broaches and coinage are being released slowly – from time of the Greeks- 4th century BC to medieval times depicting black nobles / royals,

14. Jesus no longer believed to be white- and speaking of the coinage, paintings, etc- RUSSIA has released Russian icons- a book available for purchase on  for around USD 3,000 containing paintings of black nobles, apostolic figures over the last 2,000 years- all focused around European art – not African. 



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So much distorted / lost history !




1. Here in the English-speaking Caribbean we are largely linked to Scottish/ Irish ancestors. 

2. 17th century (NOTE- the century of Lord Oliver Cromwell- Lord Protector who killed and deported Euro/ UK blacks )- the Ulster Scots migrated to Ireland in large numbers both as a result of the government-sanctioned Plantation of Ulster, a planned process of colonization which took place under the auspices of James VI of Scotland and I of England (my favorite BLACK Stewart King)  on land confiscated from members of the Gaelic nobility of Ireland who fled Ulster, and as part of a larger migration or unplanned wave of settlement.

3. Ulster Scots people emigrated from Ireland in significant numbers to the American colonies, later the United States, and elsewhere in the British Empire.[citation needed] Scotch-Irish (or Scots Irish) is a traditional term for Ulster Scots who emigrated to America.[17]

4.  From the 17th century/ sorry scratch that.....for 700 years prior to the fire in 1922  a treasure trove of genealogical birth/ death records was amassed in Ireland.  The index for these records ran over 300 pages.  Again these records spanned 700 years of Irish/ UK genealogical records and history. 

5.  There is controversy over how much of these records were destroyed. Assume the worst- just like in the Tudor Age 1500s to make way for his Church of England a mixed-race Henry VIII and sidekick Thomas Cromwell destroyed 97 percent of cultural icons which contained a vast and unknown amount of black history in the UK.

6.  In 1924/ 1925- the Racial Integrity (aka racial classification) Acts were passed in the USA.  As i said before prior to those Acts someone coming from Europe by ship would be considered white regardless of skin color.

7.  Fast forward to TODAY- Ireland/ UK is committed to restoring these lost records from unknown and unproven sources. Should we be skeptical? Of course. Do you recall Donald Monro's LOST 16th century books where he observed black Scottish people in great abundance? Again 16th century and pre West African slavery!! Lots of quacks are jumping on the bandwagon to publish edited and redacted versions of Monro's lost books leaving out the juicy bits on skin color and race !


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I’m off to Australia and New Zealand next month to collect DNA samples from Aborigine men of the oldest clans and I will upload DNA results to once processed and whole sequenced in independent labs in Europe. To date some of my biggest DNA finding have included- the following – 

a. world famous Sinclair family from Orkney Scotland who arrived in Jamaica in the 1700s are in fact haplogroup E,

b. former Governor of Jamaica, General Lord George Berkeley b. 1785 in the UK,  and son of UK Admiral Berkeley from the UK was a haplogroup E. The surname Berkeley connects to Savage, Macdonald, Hamilton, Brereton and host of UK blue blooded VIPs. 

Thanks for listening. 

I’ve included a link to a radio broadcast where I gave an overview of history based on strict Judo Christian teaching over a fixed 6,000-year history for humankind.  Final point Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson- PhD from Harvard and microbiologist specializing in Y DNA analysis has concluded in his book Traced that all Y DNA mutations took place over 5,000 to 6,000 years which supports the young earth historical account of Judeo Christians.

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