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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Jonathan Kittrell

John Kitterell
< 1665-< 1760
Amy Cockerton
< 1665-< 1760

Jonathan Kittrell
< -< 1748

Mary Kittrell
> -> 1738
Mary Kittrell
> -> 1738
George Kittrell
± -± 1782

Gezin van Jonathan Kittrell Sr. []K 13zDNA]] "JI"

(1) Hij had een relatie met Wife1 Mrs1Jonathan.


  1. John Kittrell   
  2. WifeRichard Kittrell  > 1700-???? 
  3. Mary Kittrell  > -> 1738 


Hij is getrouwd met Ann Mrs2 Jonathan.

rond 1717* te Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina*.


  1. John Kittrell (geadopteerd)   
  2. WifeRichard Kittrell (geadopteerd)  > 1700-???? 
  3. Mary Kittrell (geadopteerd)  > -> 1738 
  4. Jonathan Kittrell  ± -1812 
  5. George Kittrell  ± -± 1782 
  6. Joshua Kittrell   
  7. Samuel Kittrell  ± -1807 
  8. Isaac Kittrell  


Hij is getrouwd met Margaret Mrs3Jonathan.

Survived both a Jonathan Kittrell and then James McGlohon prior to 1 Jul 1750

At:<>Bertie County NC. Query Forum JAMES MEGLOHON OF BERTIE Posted by Bill Kittrell ((XXXXX@XXXX.XXX)) on Fri, 11 Aug 2000Surname: Kittrell, Meglohon, Roads, HolleymanWill of James Mcglohon of Bertie probated July 1, 1750. Mentions son, James Meglohon, daughter Alice Meglohon, Son in Law William Roads, Samuel Holeyman and Christopher Holleyman. Witness: J. Early, William Rasberry and Wm Wilford. Mentions wife Margaret..all the estate she was possessed of from when I married her deceased husband Jonathan Kittrell.
na 1733* te Chowan County, North Carolina, United Arab Emirates.

Notities over Jonathan Kittrell Sr. []K 13zDNA]] "JI"

1718 James Foyle buys land in Chowan District NC from Jonathan Kitnell [Kitterill]

Name Suffix: I (done for convenience without connection to actual name)

"*" An asterisk will be used throughout on any fact, date or period without sufficient evidence to suggest it must be correct, other than exact month and days which will be presumed to have a good faith basis. One goal is to add descendants and spouses. Another goal is gather enough evidence to allow the removal of "*" from date after date. Another goal is to upgrade information from op only possibly to ql quite likely and from ql to ac almost certainly. Acc is "almost certainly census enumeration" which is still not an absolute due to the states varying for some from census to census.

Numbering system is self-evident with K1 being the earliest traceable Kittrell and K1s and K1t being his only known wives, neither of whose maiden names have been established satifactorily. [Think spouse for "s".]

On list of those paying quitrents for land in Nansemond, Virginia

Estimated date of marriage to an Ann, surname unknown and unproven although loosely speculated in recent decades as Ann Durant (which can not be shown to have any truth). One issue to be addressed is whether Jonathan had one or more previous marriages during the 13 years prior Jonathan is known to be in the area. What was Jonathan doing during all those years beyond subsistence farming, or was that his father who had died by 1717 and left a young Jonathan to marry, which makes as much sense as one being 21 in 1704 and marrying at 34 or so in 1717 or so.

Range for date of death would be proven if Mrs. Whitley's claim of the will being recorded in Chowan County in 1748 is documented or by the McGlohan will naming the widow of a Jonathan Kittrell, who must be the second wife or at least final wife, of the first Jonathan as none others are available. It is without serious exception that one's will is only recorded AFTER one's death! However neither would not mean he died that year in 1748, only that date or earlier as much as decades earlier for some will recordings.

The placement and dates for birth of his children are based upon speculation and no known proof of who is the right one for each position as the eldest to youngest. The first Jonathan Kittrell may have had daughters too but no record except other than Mary Kittrell Arline nor have any researchers posted any that I can recall. In fact it seems unlikely that he did not, with so many children, known to have been born. To date no families have reported in with a clear candidate to be the second daughter known of Jonathan Kittrell, a man born before 1700 and possibly in 1683. Some records show a birth year of 1695 but this is almost certainly not right for the first Jonathan as a Jonathan Kittrell was on the rent roll in Nansemond County, VA in 1704.

The first name of the first or an early wife of Jonathan is Ann and that is certain from deeds in 1718 and later. Ann Durant is the (almost totally) uncontested but little documented wife and mother of all of Jonathan's children. Evidently Ann, the first wife, predeceased Jonathan as Jonathan's wife at death appears to be the future wife of James McGlohon, who interestingly some almost three decades earlier may have sued Jonathan Kitterell, Sr. (almost certainly the first Jonathan and the only known mention of him as "Sr."), for slander but did not follow through. This Margaret BNU Kittrell McGlohon survived both Jonathan and James according to the following from Bill Kittrell of the Pitt County, NC Kittrells and a most knowledgeable genealogist particularly on Kittrell genealogy matters and a member of the Pitt County genealogist "nobility", as well as the supplier of many pictures obtained from the Pitt County, NC picture archive on the www.

At: <>

Bertie County NC. Query Forum
JAMES MEGLOHON OF BERTIE (family name now often spelled McLawhon-C.S.) Posted by Bill Kittrell ((XXXXX@XXXX.XXX)) on Fri, 11 Aug 2000 Surname: Kittrell, Meglohon, Roads, Holleyman

Will of James Mcglohon of Bertie probated July 1, 1750. Mentions son, James Meglohon, daughter Alice Meglohon, Son in Law William Roads, Samuel Holeyman and Christopher Holleyman. Witness: J. Early, William Rasberry and Wm Wilford. Mentions wife Margaret..all the estate she was possessed of from when I married her deceased husband Jonathan Kittrell.

Court Case Chowan Prec. September 1, 1722 James Meglohon action against Jonathan Kitterell, Sr for slander for calling him a rogue and thief. Case called May 14, 1723 and Meglohon not dismissed.

Some records show a birth year of 1695. However this date is most unlikely as the rolls of Nansemond County, VA (just north of North Carolina) show a Jonathan Kittrell (and he is presumed to be the first) controlling land and paying rent for the year 1704 and the 1695 date of birth would make him a 9 year old and the 1683 date would make him a 21 year old. It is possible that 1683 was chosen for this reason but if so, there is no need to be 21 to rent land now or back then it would seem. Thus the birth date of 1683 is without solid basis absent some factual documentation.

The question is raised here as why Mrs. Whitley knew to look for Dutton Catheral when she found only a Dutton Kittrell in America (remember she did all her work before computers and before the www). Now as to what Mrs. Whitley wrote see notes for Jonathan's wife Ann Durant Kittrell for complete entry:

"Title Page: Kittrell family by Edythe Rucker Whitley.
Nashville, Tennessee, 1936
Mrs. Edythe Rucker Whitley states (note she seemingly contradicts herself in reference to the firstappearance of Jonathan in VA and the fact that she iw aware he is from Maryland where Dutton Kittrell, his purported father was last in evidence):
John Catheral living in 1663, as is proved from the "Visitations", but little more is known of him. He had issue:
1. Dutton of whom we are interested and of whom it seems begins the American family history.
Dutton Catheral was born in 1662. As the eldest [note this is in error as Dutton was the eldest son surviving son] he inherited the family estate and a name... left the country and came to Maryland, where he is found in the Parish Register of the Eastern Shore of Maryland as Dutton Kittrell.
[If we ever find this record then Dutton Catheral being Dutton Kittrell would seem logical and most likely due to the similarity in pronunciation. Unlike other records Mrs. Whitley did not provide more than the title of the document file, no page, no book and no location of such records.]

[More on Catheral with little substance and no proof.]

Jonathan Kittrell of North Carolina, first generation of definite proof. He appears in the record of Chowan and Bertie Counties. little is known of him until 1718 [other than the 1704 Nansemond, Virgina record now uncovered. C.S.]. Chowan County, North Carolina, 1723 Johas or Jonathan Kittrell, living in that precinct. (Vol. 25, page 186 N.C., State and Colonial Records). Jonathan Kittrell received a grant of land from the Royal Government of North Carolina. For what service I am unable to state.

In 1727 Jonathan Kittrell, a juror in the General Ct of N.Carolina.
This was Tuesday, the 31st day of October, 1727 (Vol 2 page 712, North Carolina State and Colonial Records). Bertie County, North Carolina, Jonathan Kittrell is found in many transactions of 1718 to 1739. His will is recorded in Chowan County, N.C. in 1748. Just who his wife was we do not know. It is most likely that his marriage took place in Bertie and Chowan County.

1. Jonathan II, whom we will have much later in this history, [Notice J II is first.]
2. John of Bertie County, N.C., carried out in this history.
3. George, who settle in Granville County, N.C. about 1760 or 1761 as in 1761 he was granted land in Granville County, N.C.
4. Isaac [who was in his brother's Granville militia company in 1771].
5. Samuel, who settled in Granville County, North Carolina, about 1761 or 1762.
There were perhaps other children but no record of them."

But see some of the heads, usually at of near the Patriarchs of these families,
which appertain to the collector of this database and these are more recent ones:
Surname [Abbreviation] = Site address hoped to get the use to the patriarch
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William I the Conqueror [] =
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Hearst [H] =
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Kinkead [Kk] =
Kittrell [K] =
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Wallace [O]=
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White-Garner [Wh] =
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.............................. or
Wylie-Lee [Wl] =
.............................. or
Wylie-McKinn*ey** [Wk]=
............................................... or


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  1., via
    Jonathan Kittrell's land in Chowan, N. C.
    Jonathan Kittrell was a planter in Chowan precinct before migrating to Granville County. Chowan deed books document his land holdings. Deed Book B, p. 713, records a transfer of property from Jonathan Kitterell "of Chowan Prect., planter with the free and voluntary consent of Ann [Durant] my wife" to James Foyle of Chowan on February 11, 1718-1719, for 20 pounds sterling, 100 acres on Bennetts Creek, "joining my land and Mo branch including a neck of land all houses, orchards," etc. Wit. Rt. Hicks, Samuel Guiellams. Registered August 25, 1719.
    Deed Book B, p. 714, records another land transfer from "Jonathan Kitterell of Chowan Prect., planter and Ann my wife, to George Guilliams of Chowan," Feb. 11, 1719, for 20 pounds sterling 50 acres on Bennetts Creek "joining a Pocoson which is on the south end of my Land and mentioned in my Patent." Wit. John Williamson, Rt. Hicks. Registered on August 25, 1719.
    Deed Book C, p. 342, records a third transfer of Jonathan Kitterell's land, to Richard Parker of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, Virginia, on March 23, 1723, for ten barrels of "good tarr," "50 acres joining John Stallings, the White Pott Pocoson, Thomas Beaglin and the sd. Kiterell, part of a patent to the sd. Kitterell dated 4 July 1723 [sic]. Wit. George Spivey "G" his mark, James Spivey "I" his mark. Acknowledged March 26, 1723 before C. Gale, Ch. Just. Registered April 6, 1723.
    Posted by Hunter M. Cole
    >huntermckelva originally shared this
    27 Oct 2012 story
  2. Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley presents "Kittrell Family by Edythe Rucker Whitley", Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley, 1936

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