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Persoonlijke gegevens Ann Mrs2 Jonathan Kittrell [sKs 13zDNA]] 

Verwantschap Ann Mrs2 Jonathan Kittrell [sKs 13zDNA]]

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Gezin van Ann Mrs2 Jonathan Kittrell [sKs 13zDNA]]

Zij is getrouwd met Jonathan Kittrell.

rond 1717* te Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina*.


  1. John Kittrell (geadopteerd)   
  2. WifeRichard Kittrell (geadopteerd)  > 1700-???? 
  3. Mary Kittrell (geadopteerd)  > -> 1738 
  4. Jonathan Kittrell  ± -1812 
  5. George Kittrell  ± -± 1782 
  6. Joshua Kittrell   
  7. Samuel Kittrell  ± -1807 
  8. Isaac Kittrell  

Notities over Ann Mrs2 Jonathan Kittrell [sKs 13zDNA]]

One wife of Jonathan was Ann as shown by a 1718 deed. But whether this is a later wife of Jonathan of 1704 or his daughter-in-law we must have all available records collected and reviewed to determine.

*This designates material only possibly correct even if the wife is Ann Durant. As yet Durant seems to be a wish of someone based upon nothing shown beyond the name Ann as wife of Jonathan on a number of deeds.


Ann Durant is no longer attached to remind us to prove her marriage to Jonathan Kittrell if it is true (and to prove her parentage). This avoids wasting any effort on which of many all seemingly bad choices would be such an Ann Durant Kittrell's parents. There may be no such Ann thus no effort needed yet.

Ann Durant may not be a wife of Jonathan!!!

The upper bound for the date of death of Ann is determined by the existence of a later, maybe second, third or..., wife for Jonathan as shown in the Notes for Jonathan [K1] Kittrell relating to a Margaret McGlohon inheriting from her prior husband Jonathan Kittrell.

The question is raised here as why Mrs. Whitley named no spouse for Dutton or Jonathan, but knew to look for Dutton Catheral when she found only a Dutton Kittrell in America (remember she did all her work before computers and before the www). Now as to what Mrs. Whitley wrote see notes for Jonathan's wife Ann Durant Kittrell for complete entry:

"Title Page: Kittrell family by Edythe Rucker Whitley.
Nashville, Tennessee, 1936
John Catheral living in 1663, as is proved from the "Visitations", but little more is known of him He had issue:
1. Dutton of whom we are interested and of whom it seems begins the American family history.
Dutton Catheral was born in 1662. As the eldest [note this is in error as Dutton was the eldest surviving son, but not the eldest] he inherited the family estate and ... came to Maryland, where he is found in the Parish Register of the Eastern Shore of Maryland as Dutton Kittrell. [If we ever find this record then Dutton Catheral being Dutton Kittrell would seem logical and most likely due to the similarity in pronunciation. Mrs. Whitley did not provide more than the title of the document file---no page, no book and no location of such records.]

Dutton Kittrell appears to drop almost out of sight, so far as any record is concerned, except that he settled in Maryland. It is likely that he died in Maryland, we do not know. We do not know the name of Dutton Kittrell's wife, as nothing has been found to give this information.

See notes on second wife of Jonathan for remainder of the first part on Jonathan I.

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