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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Isaac Kittrell

John Kitterell
< 1665-< 1760
Amy Cockerton
< 1665-< 1760

Isaac Kittrell

Notities over Isaac Kittrell [[K]]1

Did this man every marry?
Did he really live to be 90?
Did he ever have ny children?
Did he ever buy and sell slaves (an Isaac shows up repeatedly doing that)?
Did he ever beat his wife?
Did he become every Kittrell's favorite uncle.

LITTLE IS KNOWN OF Isaac AND LESS OF Joshua, other than the speculations shown.

However this entry below proves, when all Isaacs available of age are considered,
that this Isaac or one Isaac Kittrell of near his age existed and thus more likely than not was a son of Jonathan I, but maybe not of Ann,
Capt. Jonathan Kittrell’s 1771 Granville Company

Jonathan Kittrell, Sr., Captain
Samuel Kittrell, Lieutenant
Jonathan Kittrell, Junior, Clerk
Soldiers include family or familiar names
John Hunt
William Roberts
William Bryant
Pomfret Herndon
William Spears
THE SOURCE OF THE DATE OF DEATH orDATE OF BIRTH is NOT KNOWN and much needs to done to document these persons'



That was written some time ago. I have learned that the privacy of the current generations are being invaded too often and will be most selective as to what I share.

What exactly are you interested in? All descendants I know of with names and dates and all that or merely numbers. Numbers would be easy but to give out names will be most unlikely as it would be best to respect these folks' right to privacy.

I am sure you might have some understanding of this problem if you do any work on the internet.

There was likely no connection between the two families prior to Chester for we came at separate times and arrived along separate paths.

Let me know more so iJ

Sammy (XXXXX@XXXX.XXX) how some one found his date of death. Where?

It appears this one is a different one, unlike my ultimate conclusion as to a Moses of this first generation, than the one of the second generation. BUT THAT REMAINS TO BE PROVEN FACTUALLY AND LOGICALLY!!!!!!!!!!

Falconer, Alexander, trustee between Isaac Kittrell & Thomas Dent, to James Wortham (who was the highest bidder). "...a certain Negro wench named Doll & her child Jemimah..." (BOS-1802, p. 35, book R)
Falconer, Alexander as trustee between John Peace, Isaac Kittrell & Thomas Durt to John Goss (who was the highest bidder). "...woman named Estar..." (BOS-1802, p. 33, book R)
Falconer, Alexander, trustee between John Peace Senr, Isaac Kittrell & Thomas Dent to Joseph Peace & William Peace. "...a certain Negro fellow named Arthur..." (BOS-1802, p. 551, book Q)
Falconor, Alexander, trustee between John Peace Senr., Isaac Kittrell & Thomas Dent to James Hamilton who was the highest bidder. "...a certain Negro woman named Nan..." (BOS-1802, p. 550, book Q)


Court Records 1816
17 LONG & REESE vs. KITTERELL et al.
Your orators, Anderson Long and Abraham Reese, Sr. humbly complaining show that in the year 1810, they instituted their Bill of Equity in the Muhlenberg Circuit Court against John Fairman, that during the tendency of said suit said Fairman died, having made his Last Will and Testament and thereby devised all his estate to Isaac Kitterell against whom said suit was revived. Your citizens show further that said Isaac Kitterell died before any final decree was entered in said cause, leaving Elizabeth Kitterell his personal representative against whom a final decree was entered in said cause at the September term of said court in the year 1816... Your orators state that there is no property in the State of Kentucky out of which said decree can be satisfied....They state of (Will of John Fairman)...Of Montgomery County and State of Tennessee....being of a low state of health and in good memory...I give to Isaac Kitterell after all my just debts are paid, all my real and personal estate...18th November 1809. ...We, Abraham Reese and Anderson Long of the County of Warren and State of Kentucky...demand, sue for and receive of the heir or heirs of John Fairman, deceased, or his heirs late of the County of Montgomery, State of Tennessee, the full and entire amount of a decree in our favor…

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