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Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Joshua Kittrell

John Kitterell
< 1665-< 1760
Amy Cockerton
< 1665-< 1760

Joshua Kittrell

Elizabeth Kittrell
< 1750-> 1810

Gezin van Joshua (Joshua ) Kittrell [K]

Hij heeft/had een relatie met Elizabeth Burford.


  1. Elizabeth Kittrell  < 1750-> 1810 

Notities over Joshua (Joshua ) Kittrell [K]

3150 as of 13Nov14

**This death date is of recent vintage from my perspective.

*Joshua Kittrell Roberts is the great grandson of Elizabeth Burford Kittrell, or so it is claimed without documentation as to Burford and thus it seems so, so why not make this Joshua his ancestor and the Joshua she married. But speculative but no more so that some of the attachments made to the tree by others and by ths researcher.

Joshua Kittrell Hail may be not named after any relative but a family friend., In any event this male, appears in Joshua son of Jonathan Sr. territory of Maury County, Tennessee.

The linking of Joshua to Elizabeth Kittrell Roberts as father and daughter and only possibly to Elizabeth Burford, the purported mother of EKR, as husband and wife is first done by this researcher.

It is more likely now than it was last year so that I have reduced the number of stars down to one star.

Is this this joshua:

Will of Wm. ROBERTS Mar. 15, 1779 proved May Ct. 1799 Wife Elizabeth , granddaughter Elizabeth roberts, son Isaac, son Philip, daughter Nancy, dau. Mary Parish, executors: John SPEARS, Joshua KITTRELL, Witnesses Richard THOMASON, Samson HARP

Yes this seems to be the right Joshua for his nephew and great-nephew Joshua Kittrell each would be too young or not even yet born.

Debnam, Charles Y. [Franklin Co. NC] to Joshua Kittrell. "... a Negro woman slave called Dinah..." (BOS-1794, p. 92, book P)

This would probably be clearly Joshua son of Jonathan Jr., aka, J III who was married in Franklin County, North Carolina and is known to have owed land there prior to leaving for Georgia, other than the age seems absurd. It could be Joshua son of Jonathan Sr., aka JII.

No one prior to this research has connected the first Joshua Kittrell to any family except his parents' family.

It seems this Joshua may be a fig meant for some other tree, a figment of a researcher's eagerness to have a Joshua on this generation, and then it would be unfortunate not to have a minor disclaimer of what does seem correct, so...


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