Richard and Charlotte Allen Cosby Ancestry

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La publication Richard and Charlotte Allen Cosby Ancestry est composée par (contacter l'auteur). L'ensemble de données se compose de 58 969 personnes , pour cause de vie privée les détails de 3 333 personnes ne sont pas publiés. On peut trouver plus d'informations sur la publication (comme nombre et étalement d'événements généalogiques) à la page sous statistiques. Vous trouverez la liste des sources utilisés à la page sources.

This work is large;  the result of researdh over 35 years.  It was started soon after the death of my eldest daughter, Jo Ellen Cosby.  The early work was very carefully done by hand in courthouses, libraries and via mail and telephone contact with many fellow researchers and family members.  The work over the last several years is, sadly, not as carefully done, since as I've grown older and the computer has become such a useful genealogy tool, but not used carefully by many genealogical enthusiasts, I have been less rigid in my personal research controls and accepted, variably, published material which was sensible, but not always supported by data I would have preferred to have.

It began as my own and my wife's immediate families, (she participated enthusiastically for the first decade or so), but as in-laws exhibited interest in my project, I began adding their families to the data.  It is thus the ancestry of several interconnected families primarily joined by marriage.  In several instance, good friends have been found to be distant cousins, and their descent from common ancestors have been reorded.

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