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Various scientific studies are taking place that are relevant to genealogy. Family tree researchers can also contribute to scientific research. Through the Genealogy for Science program, Genealogy Online wants to encourage its users to 'donate' their GEDCOM files to scientific organizations. Utrecht University has the scoop!

Coret Genealogie (founder of Genealogy Online) and Utrecht University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) in which conditions are laid down regarding the reuse of the genealogical data. For example, Genealogy Online will actively ask its users to make their genealogical data 'available to science'. Genealogy Online makes the GEDCOM files of users who have given explicit permission for this available to researchers. The researchers may only use the files for scientific research, they may not publish individual data or further distribute files.

Universiteit UtrechtThe research team at Utrecht University (Department for History and Art History) is headed by Prof. Dr. Tine de Moor. The research for which they want to collect the genealogical data mainly concerns the following research lines:

  1. the marriage pattern and composition of households in north-western Europe
  2. the difference in life expectancy between Northwestern Europe and, for example, Southern Europe and the possible causes of this difference.

On the page Sharing Genealogical Data with Science, it is further explained what the collaboration between Genealogy Online and scientific organizations entails and how genealogy researchers Yes! can say against the use of their GEDCOM for scientific research.

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