Family Tree of Carlos Spartacus.

Foto van Carlos Fernando de Souza Silva Brogni

De publicatie Family Tree of Carlos Spartacus. is samengesteld door (neem contact op). De gegevensverzameling bestaat uit 2.664 personen, vanwege privacy zijn de gegevens van 29 personen niet gepubliceerd. Meer statistische informatie over de publicatie (zoals aantallen en spreiding van genealogische gebeurtenissen) is te vinden op de statistieken pagina. Een lijst met gebruikte bronnen is te vinden op de bronnen pagina.

All is sourced on documents, until the point that connects with the wikitree global tree, which is sourced too. 

I checked and verified the data and keep constantly verifying it's correction. 

It shows my ancestry, to a side it goes to kings of England , Scotland, Norway, East and West Francia (modern France and Germany), and kings of Spain and Portugal are more recent. As said that the ancestry of Charle Magne goes to Abraham, so mine should be too, (but yet I have not put it on the tree), a thing to verify. 

Among others I descend from Rolf of Normandie (Rollo), Harald "FineHair" Halfdansson, Charle Magne... but I invite you to explore... and let me know if you are related, even that far... blood is blood, even after 40 generations those little things called cromossomes carry the DNA of our ancestors, even if it broke and recombined many times... and as someone said "we are the result of many loves"... So I think it work and it is always nice to find a cousin, no matter far away is the link.

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