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Niederlande, Bevölkerungsregister, 1810-1936
Population registers are registers that recorded and tracked the movements of all Netherlands residents. Please see the archive list below for coverage. In most municipalities population registers began in January 1850. However, in some localities these records date back much earlier. The majority of the records in this collection date between 1810 and 1936, though the extent of year coverage can vary by locality, and some records are available beyond this range.

It is important to obtain a copy of the original record whenever possible, as the original record may provide additional context and details about an individual or family. For example, population registers typically recorded people in households and could indicate family relationships. They also provided detailed information regarding residence (where the family or person moved to or from, and the date of their change in residence). Changes in the composition of a household due to events such as birth, marriage, and death, were also noted in the registers.

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