Stamboom Goedegebuure » Pietje Vermeulen (1866-1954)

Personal data Pietje Vermeulen 

Household of Pietje Vermeulen

She is married to Cornelis Goedegebuure.

on October 10, 1890 at Leerdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland, she was 24 years old.


  1. Adriaan Goedegebuur  1890-1950 
  2. Pouwelina Goedegebuur  1892-1955
  3. Pietje Goedegebuure  1894-1989
  4. Antonie Goedegebuur  1896-1972

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About the surname Vermeulen

Historical events

  • The temperature on September 10, 1866 was about 18.9 °C. The air pressure was 4.5 kgf/m2 and came mainly from the south-southeast. The airpressure was 75 cm mercury. The atmospheric humidity was 72%. Source: KNMI
  • Koning Willem III (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from 1849 till 1890 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • In The Netherlands , there was from February 1, 1862 to February 10, 1866 the cabinet Thorbecke II, with Mr. J.R. Thorbecke (liberaal) as prime minister.
  • In The Netherlands , there was from February 10, 1866 to June 1, 1866 the cabinet Fransen van de Putte, with I.D. Fransen van de Putte (liberaal) as prime minister.
  • From June 1, 1866 till June 4, 1868 the Netherlands had a cabinet Van Zuijlen van Nijevelt - Heemskerk with the prime ministers Mr. J.P.J.A. graaf Van Zuijlen van Nijevelt (AR) and Mr. J. Heemskerk Azn. (conservatief).
  • In the year 1866: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 3.6 million citizens.
    • January 12 » The Royal Aeronautical Society is formed in London.
    • April 4 » Alexander II of Russia narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by Dmitry Karakozov in the city of Saint Petersburg.
    • May 2 » Peruvian defenders fight off the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Callao.
    • May 16 » The United States Congress establishes the nickel.
    • June 3 » The Fenians are driven out of Fort Erie, Ontario back into the United States.
    • August 23 » Austro-Prussian War ends with the Treaty of Prague.

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  • The temperature on June 25, 1954 was between 12.2 °C and 15.8 °C and averaged 13.9 °C. There was 8.7 mm of rain during 8.6 hours. There was -0.1 hours of sunshine (0%). The almost completely overcast was. The average windspeed was 4 Bft (moderate breeze) and was prevailing from the southwest. Source: KNMI
  • Koningin Juliana (Huis van Oranje-Nassau) was from September 4, 1948 till April 30, 1980 sovereign of the Netherlands (also known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
  • In The Netherlands , there was from September 2, 1952 to October 13, 1956 the cabinet Drees II, with Dr. W. Drees (PvdA) as prime minister.
  • In the year 1954: Source: Wikipedia
    • The Netherlands had about 10.6 million citizens.
    • April 1 » United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorizes the creation of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.
    • May 7 » Indochina War: The Battle of Dien Bien Phu ends in a French defeat and a Viet Minh victory (the battle began on March 13).
    • May 13 » The anti-National Service Riots, by Chinese middle school students in Singapore, take place.
    • June 14 » U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a bill into law that places the words "under God" into the United States Pledge of Allegiance.
    • August 10 » At Massena, New York, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Saint Lawrence Seaway is held.
    • September 9 » The 6.7 Mw  Chlef earthquake shakes northern Algeria with a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme). At least 1,243 people were killed and 5,000 were injured.

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Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

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