About the town » Bakel, Gemeente Gemert-Bakel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Bakel is a village east of Helmond and Eindhoven in southern part of the Netherlands. The total population is approximately 5,000. Until the late 1990s it formed together with Milheeze and De Rips the municipality of Bakel and Milheeze but in 1997 it was forced to merge with the larger Gemert municipality. Bakel does not have old buildings with the exception of the Willibrordus Church which is the oldest in the area. However during the 1970s, this church was modernized. In the 1990s it regained a little bit the old style decoration. The area surrounding Bakel on the one hand has lots of nature (forest) but the agricultural economy is also dominated by bio industry. It has the highest pig density in the Netherlands.

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Gemeente Gemert-Bakel
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