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Gendringen is a village in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It is located in the municipality of Oude IJsselstreek, about 12 km southeast of Doetinchem and 20 km northwest of the German city Bocholt. It has approximately 4500 inhabitants. In the Middle Ages, Gendringen was a fortress. Being property of the archbishop of Köln (Cologne), Gendringen was loaned to the lords living in the castle of 's-Heerenberg. In 1830, downtown Gendringen burned down for the most part. Nowadays the 'Grotestraat' (the main street and most important street of downtown Gendringen) is a nice shopping street, where most of the entrepreneurs of the town are situated. Gendringen was a separate municipality until 2005. Then, due to the municipal re-organization in the Achterhoek, Gendringen and Wisch joined together to Oude IJsselstreek. Between Gendringen and Ulft (on the north), industrial zone 'De IJsselweide' is located. On the east of Gendringen there is a little forest, called Engbergen, where the highest playground of the region is situated.

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