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Clarifying relationships is an important aspect when publishing genealogical data. Genealogy shows the relationships in various ways on Genealogy Online. Each person's page shows, through an extensive pedigree, who the parents and grandparents of the person are, with whom the person is married and the children who have emerged from these marriages.

Uitgebreide grafische kwartierstaat met nakomelingen

By marking people within the publication as proband or ancestor (= "starting point") specific genealogical reports are made, in text form and in graphic form. An example of this is the lineage that represents ancestors in male or female line. By involving the dates of birth and death, the stem bars can also be displayed in timeline form. The timeline display shows when the persons were alive, so also whether parents died when the child was young or whether grandchildren have experienced their grandparents.

Stamreeks in tradionele en tijdlijn weergave

The pedigree can be displayed in a fan diagram. The quarter-bearer (also called proband) is here in the middle and the ancestors around it. By clicking on an ancestor it becomes the pedigree of pedigree. By clicking in the middle again the 'original' proband (and ancestors) becomes visible.

Dynamische kwartierstaat waaierdiagram

The starting points also appear on the person page if the person is related to the person (or persons) who is (or are) marked as the starting point. The example below shows that both the ancestors and the descendants line can be followed.

Relationship view on person page with starting points

knop Visualiseer andere verwantschapNew on Genealogy Online is that an affinity can be displayed ad hoc. For this, the 'Visualize other relationship' button has been added on person pages. After clicking on this button a second person can be chosen from the publication. If there is a (related) relationship between the persons, this is displayed graphically.

Verwantschap tussen twee personen binnen een publicatie op Genealogy Online

Genealogy OnlineIf your genealogical data is already on Genealogy Online, then the 'Visualize other kinship' buttons are also available within your publication (unless it contains more than 150,000 people). Is your data not yet on Genealogy Online? If you keep your data in a family tree program that has the ability to create a GEDCOM file, you can easily publish your genealogical data on Genealogy Online.

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