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Genealogy Online makes it possible to easily place genealogical data and images on the Internet. This can be done via a web browser, a family tree program such as GensDataPro or Geneaal, and now also via Dropbox.

Dropbox is a free program with which photos, documents and other files can easily be shared between computers. The Dropbox folder containing your files is synchronized between all your computers, tablets and smartphones on which Dropbox is installed. Folders can also be shared with other people or programs, such as Genealogy Online.

By linking the personal Genealogy Online account to the Dropbox account via the Management page, updating a publication becomes very simple: simply place a GEDCOM file in the personal Dropbox folder on your own PC. Genealogy Online automatically retrieves the file and updates the genealogical publication. Even images that are linked to the genealogical data can easily be placed on the internet in this way: just copy them to the shared Dropbox folder!

Copy file to the Dropbox folder to update the publication on Genealogy Online

Genealogy OnlineIs your data not yet on the Internet? In four simple steps you can also place your genealogical data and images on the Internet and take advantage of the many possibilities of Genealogy Online including links in other family trees and suggestions for online scans in archives.

Don't have a Dropbox account yet? You can create a free account that gives you 2GB of storage space.

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