Question/answer » What happens if my e-mail address no longer works?

Many of the services that Coret Genealogie provides depend on a properly functioning e-mail address. So make sure that if you change your e-mail address, you also pass on this e-mail change .

If e-mail from Genealogy Online, the Stamboom Forum, Forum, Family Archivist, the Stamboom Gids, the Genealogie Werkbalk or the Genealogie Gazet cannot be delivered (this is also called 'bounced') then a verification message is automatically sent to this e-mail address. If this check e-mail cannot be delivered either, the e-mail address is considered non-working. This has the following consequences:

  • the non-working e-mail address is removed from the list of subscribers to the newsletters
  • the profile on the Stamboom Forum that is linked to a non-working e-mail address will be deleted (including profile photo and family names in the Who (below) searches who? register)
  • publications on Genealogy Online that have been created with the e-mail address are now displaced , there is no longer any possibility of contact and the author can no longer edit the publication

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