Question/answer » My genealogical data is already on the Internet. Why should I also publish on Genealogy Online?

On Genealogy Online you can publish your genealogical data and images for free and easily. If you have already published your data on the Internet, it is still interesting for you to use Genealogy Online because of 2 very useful services: Finding Points and Scans.

Starting points

All genealogical publications on Genealogy Online are "held together" every month. By applying smart matching technology, Genealogy Online can thus point you to possible starting points with other publications on Genealogy Online. This will look at whether the people who appear in your data collection appear in or look like people in other data collections on Genealogy Online. In this way you are encouraged to contact the authors of the other publication (s) and exchange information. This service works both ways: you may be referred to clues, but all other family tree researchers may be referred to clues in your publication!

Search for scans

With the Scan search service, Genealogy Online offers family tree researchers a helping hand with searching for online scans in more than 30 archives. Genealogy Online holds this extensive register of online scans at archives and your publication "against each other". As a result, very specific suggestions can be made for events that occur in your genealogical publications regarding scans that you can view online at archives.

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