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Personal data Eleonore Wilhelmine von ANHALT-KOTHEN 

Household of Eleonore Wilhelmine von ANHALT-KOTHEN

She is married to Ernst Augustus von SAXE-WEIMAR-EISENACH.

They got married on January 24, 1716 at Nienburg, Bernburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, she was 19 years old.


Notes about Eleonore Wilhelmine von ANHALT-KOTHEN

Eleonore Wilhelmine of Anhalt-Köthen (7 May 1696 in Köthen - 30 August 1726 in Weimar) was a princess of Anhalt-Köthen by births and by marriage successively Princess of Saxe-Merseburg and Duchess of Saxe-Weimar.

Eleonore Wilhelmine was the eldest daughter of Prince Emmanuel Lebrecht of Anhalt-Köthen (1671-1704) from his marriage with Gisela Agnes of Rath, Countess of Nienburg (1669-1740). Eleonore Wilhelmine married first on 15 In February 1714 in Köthen to Prince Frederick Erdmann of Saxe-Merseburg (1691-1714), son of Christian II, Duke of Saxe-Merseburg. On the occasion of this marriage, he received the district of Dieskau as an apanage. However, fourteen weeks after his marriage he suddenly died.

On 24 January 1716 in Nienburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Eleonore Wilhelmine married for the second time, to Duke Ernest Augustus I of Saxe-Weimar and Saxe-Eisenach (1688-1748). Eleonore Wilhelmine's brother met Johann Sebastian Bach during the wedding festivities, and later invited Bach to become Kapellmeister at the princely court in Köthen. Eleonore Wilhelmine later became the godmother of Bach's son Leopold Augustus.

Her marriage to Ernest Augustus was described as happy. During her ten years of marriage, she gave birth to seven children. After the birth of the Hereditary Prince, primogeniture was introduced in his two duchies.

Eleonore Wilhelmine died on 30 August 1726. She was buried in the ducal crypt at the Historical Cemetery in Weimar. Her widow was affected badly by her death. He left Weimar and started travelling.

From her second marriage, to Ernest Augustus I of Saxe-Weimar, Eleonore Wilhelmine had the following children:

William Ernest (1717-1719), Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Weimar
Wilhelmine Auguste (1717-1752)
John William (1719-1732)
Charlotte Agnes Leopoldina (1720-1724)
Johanna Eleonore Henriette (1721-1722)
Ernestine Albertine (1722-1769), married in 1756 to Count Philip II Ernst of Schaumburg-Lippe (1723-1787)
Bernardina Christina Sophia (1724-1757), married in 1744 to Prince John Frederick of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1721-1767)
Emmanuel Frederick William Bernard (1725-1729)
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  • The temperature on January 24, 1716 was about -1 °C. Source: KNMI
  •  This page is only available in Dutch.
    Van 1702 tot 1747 kende Nederland (ookwel Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden) zijn Tweede Stadhouderloze Tijdperk.
  • In the year 1716: Source: Wikipedia
    • July 8 » The Battle of Dynekilen forces Sweden to abandon its invasion of Norway.
    • August 5 » Austro-Turkish War (1716–1718): One-fifth of a Turkish army and the Grand Vizier are killed in the Battle of Petrovaradin.
    • August 21 » Seventh Ottoman–Venetian War: The arrival of naval reinforcements and the news of the Battle of Petrovaradin force the Ottomans to abandon the Siege of Corfu, thus preserving the Ionian Islands under Venetian rule.
  • The temperature on August 30, 1726 was about -11 °C. Wind direction mainly northeast. Weather type: helder. Source: KNMI
  •  This page is only available in Dutch.
    Van 1702 tot 1747 kende Nederland (ookwel Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden) zijn Tweede Stadhouderloze Tijdperk.
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    • February 13 » Parliament of Negrete between Mapuche and Spanish authorities in Chile bring an end to the Mapuche uprising of 1723–26.
    • February 19 » The Supreme Privy Council is established in Russia.
    • May 9 » Five men arrested during a raid on Mother Clap's molly house in London are executed at Tyburn.
    • October 28 » The novel Gulliver's Travels is published.

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