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Hij had een relatie met Neitaqert (Nitocris) Queen of Babylon Queen of Babylon.


  1. Nebuchadnezzar IV King of Babylon King of Babylon  ± 562-519 

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Nabonidus (Akkadian Nabû-na?id) was the last King of Babylon, who reigned from 556 BC to 539 BC. His reign was characterized by his lack of interest in the politics and religion of his kingdom, preferring instead to study the older temples and antiquities in his region.

Nabonidus in relief showing him praying to the moon, sun and VenusNabonidus, whose relationship with the previous Chaldean Kings of Babylon is unclear, came to the throne in 556 BC by overthrowing the youthful king Labashi-Marduk. It is possible that he substantiated his claim to the throne by his marriage to Nitocris, who was the daughter of Nebuchadnezzar and the widow of Nergal-sharezer. In 549 BC he left Babylon to live at Tayma, a rich oasis city in Arabia, leaving his son Belshazzar behind to rule the empire in his stead.

In 539 BC, according to the Hebrew Bible, while Belshazzar and the nobles of the empire were feasting and drinking from the chalices from the Hebrew Temple of Jerusalem, a hand wrote an unknown Aramaic text on the wall: mene, mene, tekel, parsin.

None of Belshazzar's soothsayers could translate the words written and then Daniel the Hebrew, known for his accurate prophecies was called to translate the text. He said unto the appointed "King of Babylon" : "This is the intrepetation of each word. "Mene," "God has numbered your kingdom and brought it to an end. "Tekel," You have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting. "Peres," Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians." These words indicated the arrival of the Persian king Cyrus the Great who rode out to conquer Babylon.

King Nabonidus returned to save his kingdom, but he came too late. The Persians took the city and the kingdom without resistance (they even got support from Gobryas, a local provincial governor) and King Cyrus was greeted as a liberator.

The fate of Nabonidus is uncertain. King Cyrus the Great was known for sparing the lives of the kings whom he had defeated, King Croesus of Lydia lived after his defeat at King Cyrus's court as an advisor. Most historian presume that Cyrus made an exception in Nabonidus's case, but some also believe that he was taken prisoner and died in captivity in 538 BC.

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Cylinder of Nabonidus at the British Museum.
Lihyanite inscription of Nabonidus, at Nat. Museum of Natural History site
Preceded by:
Labashi-Marduk King of Babylon
556–539 BC Succeeded by:
defeated by Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire
{geni:occupation} aka Labynetus I; aka Nabu-Na'id; 6th and last King of Dynasty XI of Babylon; (Nabonidus retired to desert leaving Belshazzer in charge; in 539 Cyrus II, q.v., captured Babylon which ceased to exist as an independent kingdom)
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Name: Nabonidus I of Babylon

Prefix: King

Given Name: Nabonidus I

Surname: of Babylon

Sex: M

_UID: EFD6BF79A3056648B7E40EC4D90D9747848C

Change Date: 26 Nov 2005

Death: Y

Father: Nabubalatsuigbi of Harran

Mother: Addaguppi

Marriage 1 Nitokkris of Babylon



Nebuchadnezzar III of Babylon

Forrás / Source:
King of Babylon 556-539 BCE

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