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Gezin van John Bogert

Hij is getrouwd met Anna Peeck op 10-03-1715/16 te New York Reformed Dutch Church, hij was toen 17 jaar oud.Bronnen 3, 5


  1. Belitje Bogert  1716-1767 Tree 8
  2. Johannes Bogert  1718-1782 Tree 8
  3. Elisabeth Bogert  1720-> 1773 Tree 8
  4. Margrietje Bogert  1722-1810 Tree 8
  5. Nicolaes Bogert  1725-1814 Tree 8
  6. Annatje Bogert  1727-1727
  7. Annetje Bogert  1728-1773 Tree 8
  8. Rachel Bogert  -1731
  9. Jacobus Bogert  1734-1811 Tree 8

Notities bij John Bogert

From: (e-mail adres niet gepubliceerd) Subject: Bogert Bible Part I; Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999

Here is another Bible Record given to me by the late Howard I. Durie. Transcribed from typwritten copy made originally by the late Howard I Durie by Maria Pratt Hopper

[This couple were married as John Bogert and Hanna Peek (Personen met
Licentie 6 Maart 1716) getrouwt (married) Maart 10 1716 [p. 124 of Marriagges
in the Dutch Church of New York, Colleciton of the New-York Genealogical
and Biographical Society Vol I. (1890)


New Jorck Den 10 Maert 1716 ben ick Jan Bogerrt met mijn Huijavrow Johanna
Peeck Sn Den Huwelighe Staet getreden

SInt jaer 1697 ben ick Jan Bogert geboren Den 1 Dagh van May En getruijgen
Zyn Hendrick van Jehaijack en Cornelis Evers

Int Jaer 1696 Is Mijn Vrow Anna Peeck geboren Den 12 Juny en getruijen Zyn
Cornelius fyde En Matijia Kip hujsvrow van Dirk Hooglant

In Jaer 1716 Den 23 December Jr. engr. Eerste Dogter belitje geboren En
getuijgen Zyn Klaes Bogert En Neeltje van Schaijack

Int Jaer 1718 Den 20 November Is mijn Eerste soon Johannes geborn En
getuijgen Zyn Jan Peeck En Raghel Peeck huijsvrow van Arie Koning

In Jaer 1720 Den 24 November Is mijn Tweede Dighter Elisabet geboren en
getuijgen Zyn Cornelus Bogert En Elizabet Peek vrow van Hendrick Ryke

Int Jaer 1722 Den 16 December Is mijn Derde Doghter Margrietje geborne En
getuijgen Zyn Hendrick Bogert En Maeder Margrietje Conseeije

Int Jaer 1725 Den 2 Appril Is mijn tweede soon Nicolaes geboren en getuijgen
Zyn Johannes Peeck en Aaltje De Graef

Int Jaer 1727 Den 18 Augustes Is mijn Vierde Doghter Annetje geboren en
syn Hendrick Ryken En Cornelia Tiebout huysvrow van Alburtis Tiebout.

Int Jaer 1728 Den 15 Augustes Is mign vfyfde Doghter Annetje geboren En
syn Hendrick Ryken En cornelis Tiebout huijsvrow van Albert Tiebout.

Int Jaer 1731 Den 21 february Is mijn seste Doghter Regal geboren En
Syn Arie Koning En Cornelis Verduijs

Int Jaer 1734 Den 1 September Is mijn Derde soon Jacob geboren en getuijgen
syn Jacobes Peeck En Eliesabet Haring

New York den van Mart 1

New York Den 9 December 1753 ben ick Jacobus Bogert Met mijn Huijasvrow
Elisabet Pasaucker Den Hunelijhe Slack getre den

In Jaer 1754 Den 25 September is mijn Eerste Doghter Elisabet geboren En
getuijgen syn Vader Bancker En Moeder Bancker

In Jaer 1755 Den 231 December is mijn Eerste soon Jan geboren En getuijgen
Zyn Mijn Vader Bogert en Moeder Bogert

Int Jaer 1757 Den 26 Jun is mijn twede Doghter Annatje geboren En getuljgen
zyn Jan Bogert Junr. en Belete Wessels huijavrow van Fraens Wessels

Int jaer 1759 Den 11 Jul is mijn Derde Doghter Neetie geboren en getujgen Zyn
Flores Bancker en Neeltie Bancker

In Jaer 1769 Den 8 October is mijn Moeder Aantie Bogert overleden

In the year 1775 the 7th day of November my father John Bogert died


  1. "," supplied by Stewart, 10 jan 2016.Gedcom : rootsweb, Descendants of Jean Mousnier de la MONTAGNE (1595-1670), compiled by Lois Stewart Society of Descendants of Johannes de la Montagne [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\,]
  2. Revised History of Harlem (City of New York). Its Origins and Early Annals, James Riker. Revised by Henry P. Toler and Sterling Potter., Page 452.
    "John Bogert was by trade a mason, married, March 10, 1716, Hannah, born 1695, daughter of Jan Peek, by his wife, Elizabeth , daughter of Dr. Gysbert and Rachel (Montanye) van Imbroch. He and his brothers, Cornelius and Hendrick, owned land at Fishkill, N.Y.; they sold three-fourths of it to Jacob Haff, December 17, 1736, for £2000."
  3. Bible records, From: ; Subject: Thank you Cor - Translati
    > SInt jaer 1697 ben ick Jan Bogert geboren Den 1 Dagh van May En getruijgen Zyn Hendrick van Jehaijack en Cornelis Evers< In the year 1697 I Jan BOGERT was born on the first day of May And witnesses were Hendrik van JEHAIJACK (probably "van SCHAIJK") and Cornelis EVERS
  4. Will, New York City Abstracts of Wills, Vol XII, 1782-1784, page
    --In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN BOGERT, of the City of New York,
    gentleman, being in perfect health of body. I leave to my oldest son, John Bogert, junior, for his birthright in bar of demand of more than what is bequeathed to him. All my moiety of the house and lot in King Street in said City, between the houses
    and lots of Doctor Jacobus Van Dyck and John Jauncey, equally unto my three sons, John Bogert, jr., Nicholas Bogert, and Jacobus Bogert, upon condition that they, within three calendar months after my decease, pay to each of my daughters, should any refuse or neglect to pay his share of the said, the share of such son so neglecting to go equally amongst my seven children. The residue of my whole estate unto all my children, equally, to wit: John Bogert, junior, Nicholas, Jacobus, Belitje, wife of Francis Wessells; Elizabeth, wife of John Leary, Margaritta, wife of Jacobus Van Antwerp of the said City, and Annatje, wife of Jacobus Roosevelt of said City, John's son. The residue of my whole estate unto all my children, equally. Dated December 21, 1769. Witnesses, Henry Roome, Edward Cowenhoven; John MacCalpine, of said City, baker. Codicil. I revoke the seventh part devised to my daughter Elizabeth, and all other parts of my will relating to her; the same to go to my three sons, John, Nicholas and Jacobus in
    trust during her life; they to invest the same and pay the interest unto her for life. At her decease, to divide the said seventh equally amongst her four children, to
    wit: John,William, Margaret, and Ann; or their survivors. Dated March 9, 1773. Witnesses, William Wentworth, Mary McKesson; John McKesson, of said City, Esquire. Proved, November 25, 1775. [NOTE.--Letters of administration were granted to William Leary, of said City, merchant; a grandson and legatee, who neglected to appoint executors, on May 24, 1784.]
  5. Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York; Marriages from 1639 to 1801, Ed. Samuel S. Purple, M.D., Page 124
    Marriage on 10 March 1716. John Bogert & Hanna Peek. Ingeteekent 6 March 1716.

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