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Famille de Antonia Antonii Ruel Antonii

Elle est mariée avec Arnoldus Petri van Gogh Petri le 24 février 1732 à Dinther, Nederland.


  1. Lena Aartse van Gogh  1733-1803 
  2. Henricus van Gogh (Goch)  1734-????

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Les sources

  1. Nederland, Doopregister Kerken, 1580-1811, via https://www.myheritage.nl/research/colle...
    Antonia Ruel Antonii<br>Geslacht: Vrouw<br>Religie: Rooms-katholiek<br>  Getuigen/Familieleden:
    Relatie Naam
    Witness Antonius Ruel
    Witness Margareta van Gogh Petri<br>Bron:
    Boek: Rooms-Katholiek doopboek 1709-1737
    Instelling: Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
    Archief: 1432
    Pagina: 62
    Bronplaats: Dinther, North Brabant, Netherlands
    Brondatum: 1733-01-18
    Datum boekdeel: 1733-01-18
    Church records are extremely important because they are the primary source of vital information prior to the institution of civil registration. In the Netherlands, most people attended either the Dutch Reformed or Catholic churches, but other denominations existed as well. Please see the archive list below for locality coverage. The majority of the records date between 1580 and 1811, though the extent of year coverage can vary by locality.

    Records included in this collection come from the following archives:


    • Drenthe Archive (Drents Archief)


    • Nieuw Land Heritage (Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum)


    • Tresoar (AlleFriezen)


    • Gelders Archive (Gelders Archief)
    • Regional Archives Nijmegen (Regionaal Archief Nijmegen)
    • Regional Archives Rivierenland (Regionaal Archief Rivierenland)


    • AlleGroningers (AlleGroningers)


    • Municipal Archive Venray (Gemeente Venray, gemeentearchief)

    North Brabant

    • Brabant Historical Information Centre (Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum)
    • City Archive Breda (Stadsarchief Breda)
    • Regional Historic Centre Eindhoven (Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven)
    • West-Brabant Archive (West Brabants Archief)
    • Regional Archive Tilburg (Regionaal Archief Tilburg)

    North Holland

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    • Regional Archive Alkmaar (Regionaal Archief Alkmaar)


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    South Holland

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    • Regional Archives Dordrecht (Regional Archives Dordrecht)


    • The Utrecht Archives (Het Utrechts Archief)
    • Regional History Center Vecht and Venen (Regionaal Historisch Centrum Vecht en Venen)


    • Municipal Archive Noord-Beveland (Gemeentearchief Noord-Beveland)
    • Municipal Archive Tholen (Gemeentearchief Tholen)
  2. van Poppel Web Site, Tonny (Antonia L.M.) van Poppel, via https://www.myheritage.nl/person-1503401...
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