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Données personnelles Helen OF ZNOJMO 

Ancêtres (et descendants) de Helen OF ZNOJMO

1145-± 1204

± 1163

Famille de Helen OF ZNOJMO

Elle est mariée avec Casimir II OF POLAND.

environ 1163.


  1. Anastasia OF POLAND  1164-1194 
  2. Conrad I OF MASOVIA  ± 1187-1247 

Notes par Helen OF ZNOJMO

Helena of Znojmo (Polish: Helena znojemska b.1145- 1202 or 1206) was a Princess of Moravia (1165 - 1194) and Princess of Masovia (1186-1194) as well as being regent of Krakow, Sandomierz and Masovia on behalf of her minor sons children Leszek I the White and Konrad I of Masovia from 1194-1199/1200.

Helen was the daughter of Conrad II of Znojmo and his wife Maria of Serbia, daughter of Uros I of Rascia. Helen was probably named after Helena of Raska. Helen was sister of Conrad II, Duke of Bohemia.

Helen married the youngest son of Boleslaw III Wrymouth, Casimir II the Just (this happened probably shortly after his return from captivity).

On May 5 1194, perhaps as a result of heart attack, Helen's husband died, leaving two minor sons. Regency of Malopolska and Mazowsze was taken on by Helen with the Bishops of Kraków and Krakow Voivod.

Helen's regency was not an easy one, because other princes threated the minors. The children's uncle, Mieszko III the Old was after Cracow. Bloody stocks, which were the culminating moment of the Battle of Mozgawa between Helen and Mieszko, it lasted until 1198 when they reached an agreement with thr Duke of Wielkopolska. Mieszko would take Krakow, in return for which he gave Helen and her sons Kuyavia. Independent authority over the inheritance was taken on by Leszek the White who took over in 1199 or 1200. The great political and intelligent Helen testied words written in the chronicle of Kadlubek Vincent, who certainly knew the princess in person. According to historians Helen was "a wise woman than a woman's wisdom."

Helen of Znojmo died between 1202 and 1206, probably on April 2.

Helen and Casimir had the following children:
Maria (1164 - 1194), married in November 1178 to Prince Vsevolod IV of Kiev.
Casimir (ca. 1165? - 1 March 1167).
Boleslaw (ca. 1168/71 - 16 April 1182). He died accidentally, after falling from a tree.
Odon, died in infancy. Only named in the Polish Wikipedia Biography of Casimir II the Just
Adelaide (ca. 1177/84 - 8 December 1211), foundress of the convent of St. Jakob in Sandomierz. Only named in the Polish Wikipedia Biography of Casimir II the Just
Leszek the White (ca. 1186/87 - Marcinkow, 23 November 1227).
Konrad (ca. 1187/88 - 31 August 1247).

Source: Wikipedia

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