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Involve the family in the family tree

You will probably recognize it: family members who would like to see 'their' family tree, or who want to know how they are related to a distant relative. Due to the protection of privacy, Genealogy Online only publishes the data of persons who have died and of persons who have given permission for publication. However, there is now also a new possibility where authors, within the limits of privacy legislation, can give family members insight into the non-public data.

Welke toegangspoort wilt u instellen?

It goes like this. An author on Genealogy Online can configure a gateway (this is part of the Plus subscription), this sets which information from his / her publication is public and which information is placed behind a "lock". The author can choose to hide all data, or to make the data of living persons that appear in the GEDCOM file also available after a login. If a gateway is set, the author can invite family and friends to the private area, they can log in with a personal password (those invited don't need a Plus subscription nodig). With this new gateway function you get the chance to involve the family in the family tree and thereby collect more information and photos and documents for an even more extensive family history.

The pedigree charts and family trees have been updated

Displaying a large pedigree or pedigree is always a challenge. By applying new internet technology, it is now a lot more insightful, also on your tablet. In this new view, a limited number of generations is initially displayed. Where more information is available, you will see a red dot, click on it and the ancestors or descendants will appear. The display can be enlarged and reduced and even expanded completely with the buttons at the bottom right. This graphical family tree or pedigree can easily be shared via the social media buttons. Below is an animated view of the graphical family tree (or see the family tree of Joseph Coret directly in your browser).

Dynamische stamboom geeft overzicht

The graphical representations of pedigree charts and pedigrees can be easily made by authors on Genealogy Online by defining pedigree carriers and / or progenitors or mothers, the so-called starting points. The pedigrees and pedigree are also available in text form (HTML), map form, PDF and Microsoft Word.

Relationships now even clearer

If within a publication a quartermaster or progenitor or mother is defined as the starting point, then Genealogy Online displays the relationship on the pages of relatives. To make this even clearer, "flattened descent series" are also shown that depict the relationships. Below an example.

Verwantschappen inzichtelijk door stamreeksen

Do you also want to share your genealogical data with family and/or genealogists? In four easy steps you too can put your genealogical data and images online and make use of the many features of Genealogy Online.

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