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Biographical Portal of the Netherlands

Biografisch Portaal van NederlandHet Biographical Portal of the Netherlands is a digital access to scattered published information about more than 80 thousand known and less famous people from Dutch history, from the earliest times to the present. It provides links to various sources with more information about specific scholars, artists, civil servants, theologians, national administrators and other prominent people in nearly 146 thousand biographies.

Scan searching

When publishing a family tree, Genealogy Online now also looks at whether people appear in the Biographical Portal. This is part of the Scans search service, the suggestions do not now lead to scans but to digital biographical reference works, some of which also contain photos.

An example in the publication Genealogie Beindorff, Been et al from W.H. Beindorff shows 6 persons who also appeary in the Biographical Portal. One of the persons is Reinder Jakobus de Stoppelaar, a Dutch Baptist minister and publicist in the field of nature and landscape, whose Biographical Portal has references to various life descriptions and photographs.

More sources

The Genealogy Online Scans search service now offers suggestions regarding scans, photos and information in many sources, including a long series of archive websites and cemetery websites. The suggestions for information in the Biographical Portal of the Netherlands are part of the Try subscription of Genealogy Online. The complete set of sources is reserved for Plus subscribers.

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