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Familie von Conrad "the Elder" d'Auxerre Graf von Linz und Argengau, Comte de Paris

Er ist verheiratet mit Adelaide Adélaïs Aélis Tours Alsace France.

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  1. Conrad II "the Younger" Bourgogne Burgundy  ± 825-± 876 
  2. Ava d'Auxerre  ± 830-856
  3. Welf II von Argengau  ± 835-861 
  4. Judith d'Auxerre  ± 840-± 888 

Notizen bei Conrad "the Elder" d'Auxerre Graf von Linz und Argengau, Comte de Paris

Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre is your 36th great grandfather.
¬â€  ·Üí Henry Marvin Welborn
your father ·Üí Emma Corine Bombard
his mother ·Üí Emma Elizabeth Bombard
her mother ·Üí Isabelle Bynum
her mother ·Üí Robert W Bynum
her father ·Üí Elizabeth Bynum
his mother ·Üí Lydia Mitchell
her mother ·Üí Jonathan Wheeler, I
her father ·Üí Martha Wheeler (Salisbury)
his mother ·Üí William Salisbury
her father ·Üí William Salisbury, of Denbigh & Swansea
his father ·Üí John Salisbury, of Denbigh
his father ·Üí Sir John Salusbury, III, "The Strong", MP
his father ·Üí Catrin o Ferain / Kathryn of Berain
his mother ·Üí Jane de Velville
her mother ·Üí Sir Roland Velville, of Beaumaris
her father ·Üí Henry VII of England
his father ·Üí Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond
his father ·Üí Catherine of Valois, Queen consort of England
his mother ·Üí Elisabeth von Bayern, reine de France
her mother ·Üí Stephan III von Bayern
her father ·Üí Stephan II, Herzog von Bayern-Ingolstadt
his father ·Üí Kaiser Ludwig von Wittelsbach, IV, des Heiligen Römischen Reiches
his father ·Üí Ludwig II "the Severe", duke of Upper Bavaria
his father ·Üí Duchess Agnes of Wittelsbach
his mother ·Üí Henry V "the elder" Von Braunschweig, Count Palatine of the Rhine
her father ·Üí Henry "the Lion", duke of Saxony
his father ᆒ Gertrud of Süpplingenburg, Duchess of Bavaria
his mother ᆒ Lothar III von Süpplingenburg, Holy Roman Emperor
her father ᆒ Gebhard Graf von Süpplingenburg
his father ·Üí Ita von Querfurt
his mother ·Üí N.N. von Goseck
her mother ·Üí Burchard IV. Graf im Hassegau
her father ·Üí Dedi, count in the Hassegau
his father ·Üí N.N. von Franken
his mother ᆒ Konrad der ältere, Graf von Lahngau
her father ·Üí Judith d'Auxerre
his mother ·Üí Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre
her father

Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre is your 36th great grandfather.
¬â€ ¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Geneva Allene Welborn¬â€ 
your mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Alice Elmyra Smith¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Nellie Mary Henley¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ John Merrit Wooldridge¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíMerritt Wooldridge¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Chesley Wooldridge¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Edward Wooldridge, Jr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Wooldridge¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Flournoy¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíJane Gower¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William Hatcher¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Hatcher¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Robert Smythe, Sir¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Thomas "Customer" Smythe, MP¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíJohn Smythe, Esq., of Corsham¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Isabel Smythe¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Sir John de Neville, Earl of Northumberland¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíRichard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíPhilippa of Hainault, Queen consort of England¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William III, count of Holland¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Phillipa, countess of Luxembourg¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·ÜíHenry van Luxemburg, duke of Limburg¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ermesinde de Namur, countess of Luxembourg¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Agnes of Guelders¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíHendrik I, count of Guelders¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ermengarde of Zutphen¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Otto II, graaf van Z√ºtphen¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Adelheid van Zutphen¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·ÜíLiudolf, Count of Zutphen¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lotharingia¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Hedwig van Rhein¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Manegold I, Graf von Dillingen¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíHucbald von Dillingen, Graf von Dillingen und Donauwörth¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Hucbald, count of Ostrevant¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ava d'Auxerre¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·ÜíConrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre¬â€ 
her father

Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre is your 33rd great grandfather.
¬â€ ¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henry "Toad" Welborn¬â€ 
your father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henry Marvin Welborn, Sr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Calhoun H. Welborn¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Younger Welborn¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíWilliam "Billy" Welborn¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Aaron Welborn, Sr.¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ James Welborn¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ann B. Wellborn¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William H. Crabtree¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíJames Thomas Crabtree¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Samuel Crabtree¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William Thomas Crabtree¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Grace Crabtree¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ George Courtenay¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíJohn Courtney, MP, of Lanivet¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Richard Courtney¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Edmund Courtney¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Sir Philip Courtenay, of Powderham and Molland¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíSir John Courtenay, of Powderham¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Sir Philip Courtenay, Kg, Mp¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Margaret de Courtenay, Countess of Devon¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·ÜíHumphrey VIII de Bohun, 4th Earl of Herford¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Maude de Fiennes¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Enguerrand Ingelram II de Fiennes, Baron De Tingry¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíGuillaume, seigneur de Fiennes et de Tingry¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Enguerrand I "Crusader" de Fiennes, Lord of Martock¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíEustache II "le vieux", seigneur de Fiennes¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Conon de Fiennes, seigneur de Fiennes¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Eustache I, seigneur de Fiennes¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíLambert I, Count of Louvain¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ R√©gnier III, comte de Hainaut¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ad√©la√Øde of Burgundy¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Adelaide of Burgundy¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·ÜíConrad II "the Younger", duke of Transjurane Burgundy¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre¬â€ 
his father

Conrad "the Elder" d'Auxerre, Graf von Linz und Argengau, Comte de Paris
French: Conrad ¬´le Vieux¬ª d'Auxerre, Comte de Paris et d'Auxerre,¬â€ German: Konrad I Welfen, Graf von Auxerre
circa 805¬â€ 
Burgundy, France
March 22, 866¬â€ (57-65)¬â€ 
Auxerre, Yonne, Burgandy, France
Place of Burial:
Auxerre, Yonne, Burgandy, France
Immediate Family:
Son of¬â€ Welf I, count in Swabia¬â€ and¬â€ Hedwig, Abbess of Chelles¬â€ 
Husband of¬â€ Adelaide of Tours¬â€ 
Father of¬â€ Mathilde Robertien;¬â€ Hugues l'Abb√©;¬â€ Conrad II "the Younger", duke of Transjurane Burgundy;¬â€ Ava d'Auxerre;¬â€ Welf II, count of Argengau;¬â€ Adele Van Meaux;¬â€ Ermentrude d'Namur;¬â€ Judith d'Auxerre;¬â€ Itta d'Auxerre;¬â€ Eticho im Argengau;¬â€ Adalhard I, Count of Argengau;¬â€ Rudolf, Abbot Of St. Riquier;¬â€ Evesna Argenteau von Sachsen¬â€ and¬â€ Berthe de Fezensac¬â€ ¬´ less¬â€ 
Brother of¬â€ Judith of Bavaria;¬â€ Emma of Altdorf;¬â€ Mathilda d'Andech von Altdorf¬â€ and¬â€ Raoul (Rodolphe) I, comte de Sens¬â€
Conrad I "l'Ancien" was the count of several counties, most notably the Aargau and Auxerre, around Lake Constance, as well as Paris from 859 to 864. He was also the lay abbot of Saint-Germain in Auxerre.
He was one of the early Welfs, a member of the Bavarian branch, and his sister Judith was the second wife of Louis the Pious. In 858, he and his family ·Äî his wife Adelaide and his sons Hugh and Conrad the Younger ·Äî abandoned their sovereign Louis the German and went over to Charles the Bald, Judith's son. They were generously rewarded and Conrad was appointed to many countships. Louis the German confiscated his Bavarian fiefs and lands.
Conrad's father was Welf.
CONRAD "l'Ancien" (-22 Mar [862/66]). Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris names (in order) "Chuonradum et Ruodolfum" as brothers of Empress Judith[973]. Graf von Linz- und Argengau. Dux. Nithard records that Conrad and his brother Rudolf were forcibly tonsured in [Apr 830] by their sister's stepson, Lothar, then in revolt against his father, and sent to Aquitaine "to be held by Pepin"[974]. Comte de Paris. The Miraculis Sancti Germani record that "Chuonradus princeps" was cured of an eye problem by the saint, and that he built the church of Saint-Germain at Auxerre in thanks[975]. An agreement between Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks and his brother Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks dated Jun 860 names "nobilis ac fidelibus laicisဦChuonradus, Evrardus, Adalardus, Arnustus, Warnarius, Liutfridus, Hruodolfus, Erkingarius, Gislebertus, Ratbodus, Arnulfus, Hugo, item Chuonradus, Liutharius, Berengarius, Matfridus, Boso, Sigeri, Hartmannus, Liuthardus, Richuinus, Wigricus, Hunfridus, Bernoldus, Hatto, Adalbertus, Burchardus, Christianus, Leutulfus, Hessi, Herimannus, item Hruodulfus, Sigehardus"[976]. "Ludowicusဦrex" confirmed an exchange between Grimald abbot of St Gallen and "quidam comisဦChuonratus" relating to property in Linzgau and Argengau, by charter dated 1 Apr 861[977]. A poem by Walahfridus Strabus records the epitaph of "Chonradum comitem"[978]. The necrology of Auxerre cathedral records the death 22 Mar of "Conradus comes"[979].
m ADELAIS [de Tours], daughter of HUGUES Comte [de Tours] & his wife Ava ---. The Miraculis Sancti Germani name "Adheleid" as wife of "Chuonradus princeps"[980]. A poem by Walahfridus Strabus records the epitaph of "Adelheidam"[981]. The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified. Some secondary works[982] assert that the second husband of Adelais was Robert "le Fort" [Capet]. If this is correct, Adelais must have been Comte Robert's second or third wife as his known children were already born by the time Adelais's husband Conrad died. The assertion appears based on the Chronicle of St Bénigne de Dijon which names "duo filii Rotberti Andegavorum comitis, frs Hugonis abbatis, senior OdoဦRobertus alter"[983]. Settipani states that the passage is a 12th century interpolation and has little historical value, although he does suggest that it is likely that the wife of Comte Robert was a close relation of Adelais without providing the basis for this statement[984]. A family connection between Comte Robert and Conrad Comte de Paris is also suggested by the former being invested with the county of Auxerre in 865, after this county was confiscated from the latter (as recorded by Hincmar[985]), on the assumption that there was some basis of heredity behind the transmission of counties in France at that time (which is probable, but remains unproven). Comte
Conrad & his wife had [five] children:
a) WELF (-before 876). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Graf im Linzgau 842/850. Graf im Alpgau 852/858. m ---. The name of Welf's wife is not known. Graf Welf & his wife had [two possible children]:
i) [CONRAD . The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Graf im Linzgau.] ii) [ETICHO (-after 911, bur Ammergau). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Graf im Ammergau.]
- see below.
b) CONRAD (-876). His parentage is deduced from Regino who names "Ruodolfus filius Chuonradi, nepos Huggonis abbatis"[986], the latter being recorded in the Miraculis Sancti Germani as "Hugo" one of the sons of "Chuonradus princeps", the patron of the church of Saint-Germain at Auxerre[987]. He helped save Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks after the invasion of Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks. Comte d'Auxerre. He fell into disgrace in 861, and passed into the service of the sons of Emperor Lothar. He received from Emperor Louis the territories of Genève, Lausanne and Sion. Marquis de Transjurane in Dec 864 after he killed comte Hubert [Bosonide][988]. - KINGS of BURGUNDY.
c) HUGO (-Orl√©ans 12 May 886, bur Saint-Germain d'Auxerre). The Annales Bertiniani name "Hugoni clerico, avunculi sui [=Karoli regis] Chonradi filio" when recording that he received the counties of Tours and Angers in 866[989]. Abbot of Saint-Germain d'Auxerre 853. The Miraculis Sancti Germani names "Hugo" as one of the sons of "Chuonradus princeps" who continued to patronise the church of Saint-Germain at Auxerre after their father's death[990]. Imperial missus in Auxerre in 853. Abbot of Saint-Riquier until 861. Abbot of Saint-Bertin 859/62. He was a supporter of King Lothar 861/865. He was elected Archbishop of Köln in 864. The Annales Xantenses record that "quidam tirannicus Hugo·Ä¶filius predicti Cuonradi" (the previous paragraph naming "Cuonradi fratris quondam Iuthit regin√¶") succeeded as archbishop of Köln[991]. Marquis de Neustrie, Comte de Tours et d'Angers 866. Comte d'Auxerre in [866], assuming that Hugues was appointed to succeed Robert "le Fort" in this as well as the latter's other counties, although the primary source which confirms this beyond doubt has not yet been identified. Abbot of Saint-Martin de Tours 866. Abbot of St Vaast, Arras [874]. Abbot of Saint-Aignan, Orl√©ans before 876. Abbot of Saint-Julien d'Auxerre 877. Chaplain of the imperial chapel in [880]. "Hugo consobrinus eius [Conradi]" succeeded his cousin [as Abbot of Saint-Colombe de Sens] in 882, recording that he was "clericatus in Palatio"[992]. "Karolus·Ä¶imperator augustus" confirmed a donation by "Hugo·Ä¶propinquus noster" of property "villam Apiarias in pago Aurelianensi" to "episcopo Adalaldo archiepiscopo simulque Rainoni episcopo, fratri eiusdem" at the request of "Odo comes" by charter dated 27 Oct 886[993]. Regino records the death in 887 of "Hugo abba" at Orl√©ans and his burial "apud Sanctum Germanum Autisiodoro"[994]. The necrology of Auxerre cathedral records the death 12 May of "Hugo abbas"[995].
d) RUDOLF . The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.
e) [JUDITH]. The identity of Udo's wife is not known with certainty. According to Jackman[996], she may have been the daughter of Konrad Graf im Linz- und Argengau, whom he speculates was named Judith. King Arnulf in a charter dated 19 May 891 names "Chonradiဦcomitis et nepotis nostri"[997]. The speculation is that the relationship may have been through Konrad's mother who, if identified as the daughter of Graf Konrad, was the niece of King Arnulf's paternal grandmother Queen Hemma. m UDO Graf im Lahngau, son of GEBHARD Graf im Niederlahngau [Konradiner] & his wife ---. 860/879.]
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