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Do you have millers in your family tree? Or do you come across deeds on which a miller is mentioned? And do you know - through archive research - in which mill he (or she) was active? Then make a link between the miller and the mill via the mill's unique Ten Bruggencate number. Genealogy Online and Open Archives offer extra functionality for this, in collaboration with association De Hollandse Molen.

On the website of association De Hollandse Molen you will find information about all windmills in the Netherlands, existing and disappeared. With many images, archival documents, literature and construction drawings, isis a good starting place for all your mill research. But, little is known about the millers who ran and built the mills ...

Genealogy Online logo As a family tree researcher you can change that. There are often one or more people in your own family tree who were millers by profession. There are more than 30 thousand millers on Genealogy Online. Whether millers, millers' servants, water millers, water millers' servants, flour millers, flour millers' servants, saw millers, saw millers' servants, wood saw millers, wood saw millers' servants, peel millers, flour millers, oil millers, etc. If you know the exact mill program based on source research, take (in your pedigree) note the profession at least the 5-digit Ten Bruggencate number (sometimes supplemented with a letter) from the mill on, for example "Ten Bruggencaten number 03525". You can find these unique mill numbers on the website

Information that is displayed with a link to a mill based on the Ten Bruggencate numberIf Genealogy Online finds a Ten Bruggencate number in the memorandum to the profession, then a link is automatically placed in your publication to the website of where additional information is available about the mill can be found. See for example the page about Jan Kuijper from the publication Genealogie Kuijper or one of the other found mill entries on Genealogy Online.

Adding the Ten Bruggencate number means that a link can be made between your data and the mill collection! The "links" between millers and mills can be used by the De Hollandse Molen association to update the mill's documentation.

Open Archives logoThe advice to add the Ten Bruggencate number also applies to records on Open Archives with millers. If you come across a miller (or variant) in your research on Open Archives, of which you know in which mill he (or she) was active, then include this in the comment to the deed so that other researchers can benefit from it. For example, if you include "Ten Bruggencate number 04420" in the comment (and of course a source reference for the link) then Open Archives will recognize this and display an link and logo. See for example the commentary with the marriage certificate of Wolter Sebes van der Molen and Jantien Bartels, he was a miller of the Hazewind mill in Gieten (Ten Bruggencate number 04420).

If you have a publication on Genealogy Online, you will see a new notification block on the management page of your publication:

New notification of millers to link to a mill based on the Ten Bruggencate number

This leads to a page in which all millers in your publication are listed (read: persons where you entered miller in the professional field) with the Ten Bruges case number after that if you have already included this in the memorandum with the profession. The overview can serve to stimulate your research into mills and millers, dive into the polder archives, notarial archives and other sources in which mills and their millers are mentioned. Please note: the Ten Bruggencate number must be entered in your own family tree program as a note with the occupation of the person in question, via the GEDCOM export the links between miller and mill will appear in your publication on Genealogy Online.

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