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Updates image display

The presentation of the images on Genealogy Online has been updated, so that the images look even better and can be viewed better on tablets and smartphones!

The images such as photos and scans of deeds are now displayed larger on the person page. If you click on an image, the larger view of the image opens. This view offers the possibility to zoom in and out and to navigate to the next and previous image.

This works very simply on a tablet, you swipe the image aside to load the next image and by moving two fingers apart you can enlarge the image.

For example, view the page about Hendrik van Essen in the publication Genealogie Van Bommel-Van Essen van J.L. van Bommel. Scroll to the images and click on an image to experience the new image display!

More information

Additional source for Scans searching

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Vecht en Venen Vecht and Venen Regional Historic Center offers scans of civil status records from, among others, Achttienhoven, De Bilt, De Bilt, Kockengen, Loenersloot, Nigtevecht, Nigtevecht, Oudhuizen and Vinkeveen. Genealogy Online has added this resource to the scans searching service!

This means that if there are persons in your publication who were born, married or deceased in the places mentioned, you will receive a suggestion about the location of scans of that event on the website of the RHC Vecht and Venen.

It is possible that no suggestions have been found within your publication.In that case it is best to upload an updated GEDCOM file via When updating the publication, all sources are checked again for suggestions from people in your publication.

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