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Accounting for the source from which information comes is an important rule of conduct for genealogists. The presence of source references means that the publication can be checked. A publication with source references will often be of better quality than a publication without source references.


Every month, all publications on Genealogy Online are compared to find possible matches between publications. When Genealogy Online has found matches between two publications, information is displayed on the overview page about the people in both publications. To determine whether the match is interesting, it is shown how many children the person has in both publications, how many relationships and how many images. What is new is that the number of source references is also shown!

Matches 1

After you have assessed whether a match is interesting, you probably want to compare it in more detail. The comparison window can be used for this. If you click on this button, the person in question is shown next to each other in both publications. Of course, Genealogy Online shows the source references to the data to which it relates!

Matches 2


With over 55 million people, Genealogy Online is an interesting website to search! You can easily search all people through the search function. From now on you can also indicate that you only want to see search results that are supported by source references.

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Put your genealogical data (and images) on Genealogy Online too. You may also find matches in family trees of others or you will receive feedback from namesakes or fellow researchers!

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