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Persönliche Daten Unuoch di Friuli (Margrave), Duke of Friuli 

Vorfahren (und Nachkommen) von Unuoch di Friuli

Unuoch di Friuli
784-< 853

Engeltrude de Paris
± 784-± 869

Amadeus de Oscheret
± 809-± 867
Eberhard di Friuli
± 815-± 866

Familie von Unuoch di Friuli (Margrave), Duke of Friuli

Er ist verheiratet mit Engeltrude de Paris.

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  1. Amadeus de Oscheret  ± 809-± 867 
  2. Eberhard di Friuli  ± 815-± 866 

Notizen bei Unuoch di Friuli (Margrave), Duke of Friuli

======= Paternal ========
Unruoch, marquis & duke of Friuli is your 32nd great grandfather.
¬â€  ·Üí Henry Marvin Welborn
your father ·Üí Emma Corine Welborn (Bombard)
his mother ·Üí Emma Elizabeth Free / Bombard (Davis)
her mother ·Üí Isabelle Bynum
her mother ·Üí Robert W Bynum
her father ·Üí Elizabeth Bynum (Mitchell)
his mother ·Üí Lydia Mitchell (Wheeler)
her mother ·Üí Jonathan Wheeler, I
her father ·Üí Martha Wheeler (Salisbury)
his mother ·Üí William Salisbury
her father ·Üí William Salisbury, of Denbigh & Swansea
his father ·Üí John Salisbury, of Denbigh
his father ·Üí Lady Ursula Salusbury (Stanley)
his mother ·Üí Jane Halsall, of Knowsley
her mother ·Üí Jane Osbaldeston (Stanley)
her mother ·Üí Elizabeth Beaumont (Harrington)
her mother ·Üí unknown Harington (Neville), heiress of Hornby
her mother ·Üí Robert de Neville, of Hornby
her father ·Üí Margaret de Neville (de Longvillers)
his mother ·Üí John de Longvillers
her father ·Üí Elena FitzWilliam
his mother ·Üí Adela (Ela) de Warenne (de Warene), Concubine #1 of John "Lackland" of England
her mother ·Üí Hamelin d·ÄôAnjou, 4th Earl of Surrey
her father ·Üí Adelaide de Angers (Possibly Empress Mathilda)
his mother ·Üí Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England
her father ·Üí Matilda of Flanders
his mother ·Üí Baldwin V, count of Flanders
her father ·Üí Baldwin IV the Bearded, count of Flanders
his father ·Üí Rozala of Italy
his mother ·Üí Berengar II of Ivrea, king of Italy
her father ·Üí Gisela of Friuli
his mother ·Üí Berengar I, emperor of the Romans
her father ·Üí St. Eberhard, margrave & duke of Friuli
his father ·Üí Unruoch, marquis & duke of Friuli
his father

============= Maternal =============
Unuoch di Friuli (Margrave), Duke of Friuli is your 32nd great grandfather.
¬â€ ¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Geneva Allene Welborn¬â€ 
your mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henry Loyd Smith, Sr.¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Edith Lucinda Smith¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William M LEE, Will¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Britton Lee¬â€ 
his father·Üí¬â€ William Samuel Lee¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Lemuel Samuel Lee¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Edward Lee, I¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Mary Bryan¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William Bryan, I¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíJohn Smith Bryan, of Nansemond¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William Bryan¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Sir Francis Bryan, II, Justicar of Ireland¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíSir Francis Bryan I "The Vicar of Hell", Lord Chief Justice of Ireland¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Lady Margaret Bryan¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Humphrey Bourchier, Sir¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíJohn Bourchier, 1st Baron Berners¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Anne of Gloucester, Countess of Stafford¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíPhilippa of Hainault, Queen consort of England¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ William III, count of Holland¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Phillipa, countess of Luxembourg¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·ÜíHenry van Luxemburg, V¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Ermesinde de Namur, countess of Luxembourg¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Henri de Namur, comte de Luxembourg¬â€ 
her father¬â€ ·ÜíGodefroid, comte de Namur¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Albert III, count of Namur¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Regilinde of Lorraine¬â€ 
his mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Urraca d'Ivrea¬â€ 
her mother¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Berengar II, king of Italy¬â€ 
her father·Üí¬â€ Adelbert I, Margrave of Ivrea¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Anscar of Ivrea, Count of Oscheret in Burgundy¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·Üí¬â€ Amadeus d'Oscheret, Count of Burgundy¬â€ 
his father¬â€ ·ÜíUnuoch di Friuli (Margrave), Duke of Friuli¬â€ 
his father

Unuoch di Friuli (Margrave), Duke of Friuli
817¬â€ (57)
Immediate Family:
Son of¬â€ Berengar of East Franc¬â€ 
Husband of¬â€ Engeltrude de Paris¬â€ 
Father of¬â€ Amadeus d'Oscheret, Count of Burgundy¬â€ 

Unruoch, marquis & duke of Friuli
Italian: Unruoch II, marchese e duca del Friuli, German: Hunruoch II, marquis und herzog von Friaul
estimated between 746 and 784¬â€ 
Nuestrië, France
before November 13, 853
St. Bertin Abbey, Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais, France
Immediate Family:
Husband of Engeltrude of Paris

Father of Berenger, duke of Septimania; St. Eberhard, margrave & duke of Friuli; NN; Adalhard, abbé de Saint-Bertin and NN

/!\ NOT his grandson Unrouch III, margrave of Friuli (draft)
Unruoch II (also known as Unroch II) (died 853) was a Frankish nobleman and friend of Charlemagne.[1] In particular, he was witness to the emperor's will in 811.
He was the Frankish Duke (Margrave) of Friuli before 846. He may have been the son of Unruoch I of Friuli or Berengar, Count of Friuli. He married Engeltrude (Engletron), daughter of Beggo, Count of Toulouse and had the following issue: (draft)
UNRUOCH, son of --- (-13 Nov before 853). A list of Saxons in Westphalia dated Jan/Feb 802 records that "Adalgaudum filium Suigaut habuit Unrocus comis", presumably indicating that the last named had responsibility for the allegiance sworn to the emperor by the first-named[604]. "Comiti Hadalhardus, Fulradus, Unrocus seu Hrocculfus" are named as imperial missi in a document of Emperor Charlemagne dated 806[605]. Einhard names "Unruochus comes" as one of the 15 witnesses of the testament of Emperor Charlemagne dated 811[606]. Einhard's Annales record "Unrochus comes" as one of the signatories of peace with the Vikings in 811[607]. Comte en Ternois 839. "Unrici comitis" signed a charter dated 20 Jun 839 issued by "FolquinusဦMorinorum episcopus"[608]. "Undrici comitis" signed a charter dated 29 Jun 839 issued by "Hugo abbasဦSithiensis"[609]. Monk at St Bertin[610]. m ENGELTRUDE, daughter of ---. The primary source which names Engeltrude as wife of Unruoch and mother of his children has not yet been identified. Unruoch & his wife had three children:
a) BERENGER ([790/95]-killed in battle [836/37]).
b) EBERHARD ([805/10]-in Italy 16 Dec 866, bur Cysoing, Abbey of St Calixtus).
c) ADALHARD (-Saint-Amand 3 Feb 864, bur Saint-Amand).
d) daughter . The wife of Suppo III is shown in Europäische Stammtafeln[623] as the daughter of Unruoch but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified. It is probably speculative, based on the name of his son who was called "consanguineus" of Berengar I King of Italy in the latterမs charter dated 12 May 890. m SUPPO III Marchese di Spoleto, son of --- (-[878/79]).]
e) --- . The exact relationship of Adalric to Graf Eberhard is not known, but assuming that nepos in the latter·Äôs testament should be translated by nephew, one of Adalric·Äôs parents was Eberhard·Äôs sibling. m ---.] One child:
i) ADALRIC [Udalrich] (-after 866).

GISELA ([819/822]-after 1 Jul 874, bur Cysoing, Abbey of St Calixtus). The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Karolum et Gislam" children of "Hludovicus ymperatorဦex Iudith ymperatrice"[222]. Her marriage is deduced from a charter in which Gisela states that their eldest son Unruoch brought back the body of Eberhard from Italy[223]. She founded the abbey of St Calixtus at Cysoing, Flanders, where she lived as a widow. "Gisle" granted "le fisc de Somain en Ostrevant" to "filiiဦAdelarde" by charter dated 14 Apr 869, which names "rex Karolus meusဦgermanusဦsenioris mei dulcis memorie Evrardiဦtres infantes meos Rodulfumဦet BerengariumဦetဦAdelarde"[224]. The Historia Ecclesiæ Cisoniensis records that လGislaဝ donated property to Cysoing abbey for her burial next to လconiugis mei dulcis memoriæ Evrardiဝ, by charter dated 2 Apr 870 which names လfiliæ meæ Ingiltrudisဦfilius meus Rodulfusဝ, and by charter dated လKal Jul anno XXXV regnante Carolo Regeဝ, naming လfilii mei Unrochဦfiliorum meorum Adalardo atque Rodulfoဝ and signed by လOdelrici Comitisဝ[225]. "Gisle" donated property to Cysoing for the anniversaries of "Ludovico imperatore patre meo etဦJudith imperatrice matre mea etဦrege Karoloဦgermano etဦprole meaဦHengeltrude, Hunroc, Berengario, Adelardo, Rodulpho, Hellwich, Gilla, Judith" by charter dated to [874][226]. m ([836]%29 EBERHARD Marchese di Friulia, son of UNRUOCH Comte [en Ternois] & his wife Engeltrude (-in Italy 16 Dec 866, bur Cysoing, Abbey of St Calixtus).


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