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Hij is getrouwd met Anne CUST (REYNARDSON).



  1. Katherine Sarah REYNARDSON (BIRCH)  1780-1861 
  2. Ethelred Anne REYNARDSON (BIRCH) LATER (BIRCH REYNARDSON)  1778-1854 

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The Gentleman's Magazine 1867

W.Birch, Esq

Dec 24 1866. At Wretham Hall Norfolk aged 85, Wyrley Birch, Esq., of Wretham. The deceased was the only son of the late George Birch, Esq., of Hamstead Hall, co. Stafford (who was High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1803, and who died in 1807), by Anne daughter of Thomas Lane, Esq. of Bentley, co. Stafford, and was born at Hamstead Hall in the year 1781. He was educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, he was for many years a magistrate for Norfolk, and served the office of High Sheriff of that county in 1848.

The family of Birch was formerly of Birchfield, in the parish of Handsworth, Stafforshire, and of Birch Green and Aston, in the county of Warwick, and Thomas of that name was living at Birchfield temp.Elizabeth. He was the father of Thomas Birch, Esq. of Harborne whose son George was the grandfather of Sir Thomas Birch, Knight Judge of the Court of Common Please, who died in 1757. His eldest son, George of Hamstead hall and Handsworth, who was born 1739, was the father of the gentleman now deceased.

The late Mr. Wyrley Birch married in 1804, Katharine Sarah, 3rd daughter of Jacob Reynardson, Esq. of Holywell, co. Lincoln, by whom (who died in 1861) he had issue fifteen children. His eldest son, Mr George Wyrley Birch, died in 1855, having married Jane, daughter of Richard Congreve, Esq. and left issue a son, Wyrley, who now succeeds to the estates of his grandfather, he was born in 1837, and married in 1862, Rebecca Katharine, daughter of the Ven. Samuel Moore Kyle, Archdeacon of Cork.

The Gentleman's Magazine 1868

At Ballycroy, Mayo Ireland, aged 61, Thomas Jacob Birch, esq. He was the second son of the late Wyrley Birch esq. of Wretham Norfolk, by Katharine Sarah........



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