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Hij is getrouwd met Alice Stuteville.


  1. Rogier Lord Merlay van Morphet  1173-1239 Tree
  2. Anna Merlay  1190-???? Tree

Notities bij Rogier Lord Merlay van Morpeth

Roger de Merlay, called Roger the 1st, confirmed to the monks of St. Cuthbert the tilled and untilled lands of Morwick for the health and souls of himself, his wife and his heirs, and for his brother William and all his forefathers. (The seal on this grant is illustrated.)

In 1164 the sheriff of the county accounted for him into the exchequer for 75s, 10d. And in the next year he himself certified that he held in capite of the King four knights' fees in Northumberland. In the 16th year of same reign he accounted for 20 marks, imposed upon him as a fine for his horses being taken in the King's forest. In 1172 he paid 4 pounds for scutage. He died 1188 and was buried near his father in Newminster. He married Alice de Stutteville, daughter of Roger de Stutteville of Burton Agnes, County York, great grandson of Robert de Stuttevile, who came into England with William the Conqueror. Her son Roger gave to the canons of Brinkburne certain commons of pasture for the good of her soul.;p=roger;n=de+merlay;oc=3

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